Favorite Restaurant Patios & Balconies In & Around OKC

Best Outdoor Dining Patios in OKC

Looking for the best restaurant patios in OKC? We love a good patio dining experience, whether it be for the family or with girl friends or a date night. There is just something about eating outdoors that is so refreshing! And here is a guide to our favorite outdoor patios and balconies around the metro to give you a breath of fresh air!

Favorite Restaurant Patios in OKC

Midtown and Downtown

  • Hall’s Pizza Kitchen might be my very favorite balcony to enjoy in the metro area. The atmosphere of HPK has always felt communal, and it always feels cozy to spend time here and enjoy the view.
  • Culture Coffee has a cinnamon toast crunch latte that is the hug you need in your life right now. It’s a great spot to meet with friends and coworkers alike for a caffeine fix, filling bite, or both.
  • The Collective has something for everyone! With their huge outdoor seating area and wide range of food and drink selections, The Collective is a must-go.
  • Ludivine is a unique Oklahoma treasure, using locally-sourced ingredients and seasonally-inspired menus!

Also worth mentioning:

McNellie’s has a $4.99 burger on Wednesday nights, along with a glass of Lindemann’s Framboise or your drink of choice.

Elemental is the perfect stop for caffeine, pastries, and small bites.

Tamashii for simply outstanding ramen, karaage, chashudon, and garlic fried rice.

Going out for drinks? Don’t miss Sidecar – with locations both downtown and in Chisholm Creek!

North OKC

  • Neighborhood Jam is a favorite brunch spot on this side of town. Their outdoor area has tables with umbrellas and Jumbo Jenga and Cornhole to keep everyone occupied! Even though it’s closed in, small kids can fit through the gate openings so keep an eye out!
  • Uncle Julio’s is a must, preferably with a chocolate-filled pinata, queso, and tacos.

Uptown 23rd

  • Guyutes balcony + their Tequila Sunfryz and Poutine are what food dreams are actually made of. Perfect to split with a friend over the hum of cars passing below – the space can easily accommodate groups of 2-6.
  • Big Truck Tacos for the best chicharrones I’ve ever tasted. The outdoor seating area is small, but still a great alternative to dining inside.

NHOVA (Nichols Hills or Village Area)

  • Zero Tolerance Coffee actually makes their own chocolate, which they use in their mochas. It’s delicious and the atmosphere is completely laid-back. Their back patio is perfect for catching up over a cup of their Slippery Slope roast.
  • Hefner Grill has a lakeview to make you swoon…you might even forget you’re in Oklahoma. Excellent food, drinks, and service.
  • Mama Roja’s has another gorgeous view of Lake Hefner. Order a pitcher of margaritas to share!


  • Sunnyside Diner has a covered outdoor seating area with jumbo games for the kids (or adults!) to enjoy while you wait for your food.
  • Café Evoke makes stellar…well…everything, but a waffle sandwich and vanilla latte are my go-to items to order. They’ve got seating in front of the shop, as well as the back.

Also worth mentioning:


What patios and balconies are you frequenting? Let me know in the comments!

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