Dear Tween Son

Dear Tween Son,

You were my firstborn, the one that made me a mom. The one who showed me a whole new love I never knew existed. The one who has been training me over the years to be a better mom and a better person each day. Some days I cry because it’s tough, and sometimes my heart skips a beat because you make me proud.

You have taught me to listen before I speak, that messes and dirt are inevitable, that boys have silly squirrely humor, and that joining their goofiness sometimes just takes the stress away. You have taught me how to budget and shop smarter when it comes to food and snacks (because with each passing day, you eat more and more). I have loved being your mom and your #1 girl and will mourn the day you fly away. I pray every day you will be strong in your faith, confident in your values, and have good character when you enter the world as a man.

I struggle with the fact you will be entering middle school soon. You are growing into your own, and I notice you pulling away. (I know it’s the natural process, but a momma’s heart can still be a little sad). I see you notice right from wrong and when others are not kind to each other. I pray that you are not bullied and that you stand up for those who are. Peer pressure is tough. Keep being you and stand strong. I pray for your friends and their families as they navigate the years ahead. The world has changed so much, and the things I was preparing myself to teach you have changed. So we grow together and that is uncomfortable and hard for both of us. I pray for grace.

The quality time we used to have has changed and seems to be less. Kiss attacks, chasing you around the house, building forts, making up stories, the baby smell, and listening to you try and explain something when you first learned to talk are days of the past. Now we enter a new phase of firsts: middle school, driving, more independence, new responsibilities, and girls *gulp*.

For now, I will cherish every bit of “special time” we do get and I pray you know I will always be your home base for anything life throws at you.

To the Parents of My Son’s Friends

We are not alone as we enter this new season. We may not have class Valentine parties, field trips, or Thanksgiving feasts anymore, which means we will see each other less at school. It’s up to us to stick together and keep the communication open amongst each other. The times are not like they were when we were kids and things are constantly changing. From new slang words, video games, new bully tactics, drugs, trends and so much more. The only way we can help is by sticking together and sharing the knowledge, so we know what to expect. Sending strength, love, and courage as we enter the tween and teen years ahead.

Ps. If you ever feel disconnected from your son, take the “long route” to the ice cream store or his favorite restaurant and let him do the talking. Just the two of you. I know they won’t show us they need us as much. But deep down, I know they still do. We just have to show up and take the first little step.

*Not just one mom but all the tween moms entering new territory
We are in this together…


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Richelle Byrne
Richelle is originally from Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma in 1998! She now resides in Arcadia with her husband of 15 years and 4 boys (10,8,6 and 1). She also has a stepdaughter who is 23 and is getting married this year! Richelle is going on her 20th year in the real estate industry and enjoys helping many families obtain the dream of owning or selling a home. In her free time, she enjoys being outside exploring with her family, having movie nights, lunch dates with friends and working out at Orangetheory. One day she hopes to live on some land and own a cow!


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