OMG, Is That a Gray Hair?!

I started getting gray hairs in my mid to late 20’s. It happened to my grandma, and it happened to my mom. I knew it was bound to happen to me. When it did, I would just pluck those irritating gray hairs out of my head. When more whould show up, I would sit still and let the hubby pluck them out. Eventually, it came to the point where there were too many to pluck. My hairdresser suggested highlights to camo those grays.

So, for about two decades that is what I did. My hairstyle has changed several times through the years from long to my signature angled bob, but I always hid those grays with those highlights. 

A few years ago, I started following a few beauty bloggers that had gray hair. I’m not talking about a few irritating ones; I’m talking about full-head and beautiful. I started following one and investigated the steps she took to go naturally gray. Just like me, she started graying in her 20s. After learning about her process, I decided to take the big step and stop dying my hair. My hairdresser was so supportive, and my husband was excited about not paying for highlights all the time! So, I did it! I’ve learned a few things along my journey of going naturally gray.


Things I Learned When I Decided to Go Naturally Gray

  1. This is a long journey. I’ve been on this journey for almost two years now. It took forever to grow out my highlights and get them cut off. I’m now to the point where my gray hair is becoming more dominant in certain places, but I still am more of an auburn. At times I grow impatient and just want to cover them back up, but my husband has been so supportive and reminds me of how far my hair has come. 

2.  This is not a popular journey. Society has taught us when we start graying to dye our hair. Cover it up! Most of my family has been supportive or has not said anything at all. I’m lucky to have a hairdresser that is supportive and excited to see this journey through. I’m sure eventually I will hear an ugly comment and will have to decide how I will respond. 

3. It’s freeing! Not having to get highlights or dye my hair is so freeing. I have stepped away from what society expects from me. I hope I am teaching my daughter an important lesson that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you and it doesn’t matter how you look, but what is on the inside. 

4. There are days I have doubts. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think the gray hairs are making me look older than I really am. Or I’ll hear someone compliment someone else’s highlights and I’ll think, “What have I done!” Those are days I look up pictures of other ladies who have gone gray naturally and see how beautiful it is, or I talk to my husband and my hairdresser. Sometimes I just need that reassurance. 

The decision to stop covering my grays was not something I came to quickly. I thought about it for months and talked to my husband and hairdresser for months. If you are thinking about jumping on this journey, make sure you are ready and don’t start until you are completely ready. I believe it’s completely fine and beautiful to dye your hair. Sometimes I miss my highlights. This is a decision that each woman must make for themselves. 

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Carissa is a loving wife, mother, and educator holding a masters of reading from the University of Central Oklahoma. She loves helping around their farm by taking care of the goats, chickens, and dogs. Her newly-adopted daughter brings lots of new challenges to her life as she is learning to balance work, family, and parenting.


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