6 Reasons to Shop at Rhea Lana’s | February 11-15 in Edmond, OK

Momming can be hard. Life can be complicated. But some things are simple, like shopping at Rhea Lana’s!

Enter Rhea Lana’s: the one-stop shop for everything your kiddos need!

If you’ve never heard of Rhea Lana’s, let me be the first to introduce you! Rhea Lana’s is an upscale children’s consignment event that takes place twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Local families can save big with prices marked 70-90% off retail and score high quality children’s items like clothes, shoes, toys, baby gear and more.

Maybe you’ve been to consignment stores before, but Rhea Lana’s has taken thrift shopping to a new level. These events can’t be missed and here’s why:

  1. High Quality, Low Prices: We all want our kids to have the best. The best quality, the latest trends, and the styles they like. But we don’t want to break the bank in the process. At Rhea Lana’s, you really can do both. Each item that enters the building is carefully checked to ensure it meets a high standard of quality. You will discover all brands imaginable, including top-of-the-line boutique brands that are hard to find. The best part? All items are priced at 20-30% of the retail price! Meaning you’re not only getting amazing quality, you’re also saving 70-90% off retail price!
  2. One-Stop Shop: One of the biggest perks to shopping at Rhea Lana’s is that you can stock up on an entire season’s worth of clothes, shoes, and more in ONE STOP. No jumping from store to store or wasting time driving all over town to find everything you need. Because these events are held every six months, an entire season of options is available to you all at one time. In the Spring you’ll be able to snag Easter dresses, swim suits, shorts, sandals, and all of the spring and summer necessities that will carry you all the way until Fall. In the fall you’ll find Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits, winter coats, boots, and warm options to carry you through until Spring. Talk about convenience!
  3. Organization at its Finest: Shopping of any kind should be easy, efficient, and enjoyable. This is why organization is at the center of a Rhea Lana’s event. All clothes and shoes are organized by size and gender, toys are merchandised in orderly sections based on age and interests, and all items are separated by type and use. There’s a method to the madness and it will change your thrift shopping experience for the better!
  4. Community Wellness: Have you ever thought about where your money goes when you shop at a store? Most of the time it goes to a corporate company thousands of miles away that might be operated by hundreds of different people. When you shop at Rhea Lana’s, your money stays right in your community and goes to local families that you know and love. Because consignors earn 65% of their sales, 65 cents out of every dollar you spend goes right back into the pockets of local families. That money pays for your neighbor’s daughter’s dance class and your best friend’s family vacation. Money well spent!
  5. Eco-Friendly: It’s estimated that 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills every single year. That’s a big number that leads to a big problem. While it may seem like you can’t do anything to help, you can! Shopping at Rhea Lana’s allows thousands of clothing items to have a second life, reducing that landfill pile and decreasing the demand on clothing manufacturers to produce more. 
  6. Unique Fashions: Ever heard that saying, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”? While it may sound cheesy, it does have some truth to it. None of us want our kids to look exactly like everyone else. We want their little personalities to bloom and show in every facet of their lives! Shopping at Rhea Lana’s gives you the opportunity to find unique pieces for your child that you can’t just find anywhere else. Hundreds of families contribute items to these events, bringing hundreds of styles right to your fingertips. 

The next Rhea Lana’s of Edmond event is coming soon! Don’t miss your chance to stock up on all the things Fall and Winter, as well as toys, baby gear, outdoor toys, books, games, and more! Everything needed for raising kids all in one spot!

Rhea Lana’s of Edmond
February 11-15
2501 E Memorial Road
Edmond, OK 73013For more details on how you can consign and shop:


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