4 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Manage Toy Overload

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As parents, we do our best not to spoil our kids with an overabundance of toys. The fact is in many cases there are people out there who love our kids just as much as we do. Sometimes telling the grandparts to tone it down on the toys and clothes doesn’t work.  And if you’re like me, clutter is an arch nemesis I’m consistently battling. Here are 4 tips and ways on handling the toy bloat. 

1. Toy Rotations

This has to be the simplest and most streamlined solution. If you’re having trouble with your kid getting full use of their toys, rotating them can change that. Just snag some plastic bins from Target and put away 50% of what toys are available. Every two months (more or less) rotate these items. Not only does it keep toys fresh, but allows you to keep track of what your kids are growing out of. 

2. Consignment Sales and Shops

Even before my toddler was born I took advantage of every consignment sale around the city. The cool part about consignment sales is that many times they let you roll the money you make into credit that can be used for other items like clothes, shoes, or any other product that could be useful. A great option is the Rhea Lana’s Spring Sale coming up, perfect timing after the holidays. 

Get with some friends and combine your efforts to make the task easier. 

3. Garage Sales

Speaking of getting with friends, having a combined ‘junk out’ Is not only an easy way to be rid of your used items but also an excuse to get rid of the neglected toys and clothes. With so many Facebook buy, sell and trade groups advertising is easy. 

4. Donate!

This feels obvious but there are so many nonprofits around the city that would love your child’s gently used toys and clothes. One of many is called The Rainbow Room. The Rainbow Room assists foster families in getting clothing, toys, and other items that can be hard to get ahold of in times of emergency. Another great resource is Second Chance Thrift Proceeds from this store go to helping the Homeless and those struggling with addiction. 
The Infant Crisis  won’t take your used toys but they will gladly take your clothes and other items they may have never been used. 

Additional donation ideas can be found through local groups. Instead of seeling on Facebook Market place, donate! You can even find local mom groups that accept toy and clothing donations. You can even make it a porch pick up to avoid the snooping eyes of a child who struggles with letting go.  

Lastly, use this as a teaching experience. I’m always trying to instill the knowlege to my daughter that our situation is one of privlage and blessing. Having all the blessings we do is an opportunity to bless others. 

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