Motherhood’s Greatest Lessons on Love Taught by Our Own Children

Thinking about the theme of love lately naturally brought my thoughts to my children. Parenting and love may sometimes feel like a complicated puzzle, but through it all, our children have been our greatest teachers, sharing beautiful life lessons along the way.

Motherhood’s Greatest Lessons on Love Taught by Our Children:

• Unconditional love: a love we never knew we could feel and that we will carry with us the rest of our lives.
• How to overcome challenges: a lesson no book or podcast can teach us.
• Resilience when plans change (which is often)
• Perseverance, especially when parenting gets tough, keeps us going.
• Creativity, inspired by our children’s incredible imaginations, teaches us to think outside the box.
• Living in the present and enjoying the tiny moments that will one day be cherished memories.
• Boundaries: learning to respect our boundaries in daily life and teaching our children to establish theirs.
• Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and choosing our battles wisely because life moves quickly.
• Patience: Like when you’re driving with three basketballs and a matchbox car rattling in the trunk, or when they’re tackling the “slow-motion” challenges of tying shoelaces.
• Our values become stronger as we teach and integrate them into the daily lives of our kids.
• The value of time and slowing down. Appreciate the journey not just the destination.
• Being imperfect and learning from mistakes. WE make mistakes just like them and as hard as it is to admit sometimes, it’s a lesson we all need to learn and teach with grace.
• To see the wonder of the world around us. Staring at the stars or playing in mud puddles. It’s the simple blessings we take for granted that our children teach us to enjoy.
• To take care of ourselves physically and mentally so we can enjoy the journey of life with them and that they will learn the value of loving and taking care of themselves.
• Time management. Raising kids is kind of like running a business. It teaches us to plan and organize our time better.
• The value of friendships. Just like they need their friends it teaches us to make the time for our friendships.
• How to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations especially when it comes to values and beliefs.

Motherhood is a journey filled with self-discovery and lessons that deeply touch our hearts through the simple act of loving our children.

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Richelle Byrne
Richelle is originally from Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma in 1998! She now resides in Arcadia with her husband of 15 years and 4 boys (10,8,6 and 1). She also has a stepdaughter who is 23 and is getting married this year! Richelle is going on her 20th year in the real estate industry and enjoys helping many families obtain the dream of owning or selling a home. In her free time, she enjoys being outside exploring with her family, having movie nights, lunch dates with friends and working out at Orangetheory. One day she hopes to live on some land and own a cow!


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