50 Free (or Nearly Free) Things to Do with Kids in OKC This Fall

School has started and our social media feeds are full of all things pumpkin. We are ready to embrace the cooler temperatures and snuggle down in our boots and scarves, ready to surrender ourselves to weekends scheduled around football games. Fall is so close – we can feel the crispness in the mornings.

To really embrace the changing of the seasons, we’ve come up with 50 things to do in OKC this fall, that are free or nearly free!  

50 Free Things to Do in OKC This Fall50 Free Things to Do in OKC This Fall As a Family

  1. Enjoy a football game and make football a family affair. Whether you are in Stillwater, Norman, or just hanging at the house on the weekends, there is lots of fun to be had while watching your favorite team or getting outside for an impromptu game of your own.
  2. Take a day or weekend trip to Norman. Catch a football game and explore the campus and vibrant college town scene! Norman Oklahoma with Kids
  3. Fall photoshoot. The temperature, changing of the leaves, and all the fall colors are a perfect time to get your family together to create some lasting memories, even if it’s with your iPhone!
  4. Take a Day Trip in Oklahoma to go exploring! Here are our 5 favorite Day Trip ideas
  5. Make applesauce. Go old school and grab some apples instead of the pre-packaged ones at the store. It will be an experience with your kids AND it will make your house smell yummy!
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt. Head to the nearest park and let the kids take the lead and let them create a hunt for YOU.
  7. Make a DIY Fall Banner! This is one easy way to spruce up your decor.
  8. Have a bonfire + s’mores. Grab a few of your close friends and roast some hot dogs and of course, s’mores! Try variations such as Reese’s instead of plain Hershey’s chocolate, fudge striped cookies instead of graham crackers, or drop all of those ideas and roast a Snickers bar instead!
  9. Find the best pumpkin. There are so many pumpkin patches in OKC with plenty of pumpkins to choose from! My kids always really enjoy picking out “their” pumpkin.
  10. Paint or carve pumpkins. Fall is perfect for letting the littles take their own artistic approach to how your pumpkin should look. When it gets close to Halloween, carve a face into their creation. They will love it twice as much.
  11. Head to an OK Metro library location to pick out fall themed books or movies!
  12. Make and eat caramel apples.
  13. Go camping! This is one of my family’s favorite fall activities. Lake Arcadia or Chickasaw Country have excellent spots for this, and they aren’t lengthy drives. Here are our favorite lakes!

    Exploring Lake Hefner
    Exploring Lake Hefner | by Kay Turpin
  14. Host a chili cookoff! Gather a few family friends and bust out your favorite recipe. This also pairs up very nicely with #1 (FOOTBALL!)
  15. Walk or ride a bike on your favorite trail. The sights at Lake Hefner are beautiful, head down to the Oklahoma River, or enjoy your local neighborhood park.
  16. Get outside. Check out our favorite areas in Oklahoma to explore in the fall!

    Explore Oklahoma Spring and Fall Break with Kids
    © RAphoto77 from Getty Images on canva
  17. Make a new friend. Work up the courage to ask that mom you’ve been wanting to get to know to coffee, or meet up with pals at Roxy’s.
  18. Try a new local coffee shop. Again, pumpkin everything.
  19. Find your way out of a corn maze and then head over to Pops for a burger.
  20. Create an art project out of fall leaves and sticks!
  21. Make a Fall Thankful Tree Centerpiece.
  22. Meet friends for a picnic.
  23. Bake cookies for someone just to say thank you. Don’t forget to sample one or two.
  24. Make an acorn or twig wreath.
  25. Send a “We are Grateful” note in the mail, just because. This also teaches kids the importance of gratitude.
  26. Rake up all.the.leaves and JUMP! Repeat several times.
  27. Create costumes out of leaves and have a “fashion” show.
  28. Schedule a time to tour the Braum’s factory in Tuttle. (currently on hold in 2023)
  29. Enjoy a morning at the Edmond Historical Society children’s area and then enjoy Hideaway pizza for lunch.
  30. Catch a $5 Fan Fave movie at Northpark Mall or a matinee at Harkins Theatre.
  31. Host an outside movie night for the neighborhood.
  32. Take a trip downtown to show your kids the OKC National Memorial. Sit out under the survivor tree and discuss our city’s history of April 19, 1995 and how Oklahoma is stronger to this day.

    photo by Ginny Ellis c/o Wichita Mom
  33. Host a block party with fun outdoor games.
  34. Take a tour of the Oklahoma City State Capitol.
  35. This isn’t in OKC, but fall break is coming up and it’s a fun place take a family trip out to Jet, Oklahoma. Camp or rent a cabin at the Great Salt Plains State Park and bring your digging tools to find some salt crystals that is a perfect souvenir! This may not be free to stay for the night, but it’s free to dig!
  36. Have breakfast in Luther at your favorite donut shop.
  37. Peruse the trains at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. There is a playground too, to get those extra wiggles out.
  38. Fly a kite with the winds sweeping down the plains.
  39. Stay up late to stargaze and use the SkyViewFree app to point out planets and constellations to your kids!
  40. Try new pumpkin recipes. 
  41. If you are brave make a REAL pumpkin pie.
  42. See breathtaking views of the OKC Skyline and catch a ride on the Wheeler Ferris Wheel!
  43. Go on a tour of the historic Harn Homestead.
  44. Go to a friend’s soccer game and cheer them on just because!
  45. Go hiking! Martin Park Nature Center is a great place to bring the kids for trails, bird watching, fort climbing, and rock hopping.Martin Nature Center
  46. Go to the Oklahoma State Fair
  47. Talk with your kids about being thankful.  
  48. Hit up the local farmers market with the family to buy some fresh produce!
  49. Stockyards Stampede!  This is a fun family event for all down in our historic Stockyards City.
  50. Pumpkinville.  Because it’s just not fall until you run around the Children’s Garden with thousands of pumpkins!

What are you doing this fall that we could add to the list?

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