Don’t Skip The Most Important New Year’s Resolution This Year

It’s that time of year again that has everybody reflecting on how the previous year went, things they want to change, or new goals they’d like to meet. It’s always nice to push that restart button that comes with the new year and have a do-over!

You may be thinking about things that didn’t go so well, things you wanted to achieve but didn’t, financial goals you’d like to start prioritizing, health and wellness goals, or even just a little bit more time for self-care. Whatever your motivation is to meet these goals for the new year, don’t skip the most important thing that could be preventing you from achieving just that!

Don’t skip the most important new year resolution: 

It’s time to start prioritizing your sleep!

In today’s culture, we assume someone’s success from their level of busy-ness. After all, if you are slammed at work, have x number of clients, or have an Instagram worthy home you are assumed to be successful and winning at life.

Years ago, being richer meant working less but it seems quite the opposite today. It’s time to start prioritizing our sleep for multiple reasons, not just our health.

Here are some ways that sleep deprivation alone can prevent you from achieving the goals you’re worthy of meeting this upcoming year!

  1. Not getting enough sleep. More than 65% of the adult US population do not get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep overnight. 8 hours as a minimum is ideal, but it’s just not feasible for some with as busy as their days are. There isn’t one facet of your mental, emotional, or physical performance that isn’t affected by the duration and quality of your sleep. This can be tough but reorganizing your day differently and prioritizing things in a way to get enough zzz’s overnight is so important.
  2. Poor sleep impacts your productivity. Under slept employees are not only less productive, less motivated, less creative, less happy and lazier, but they are also more unethical. If you have a professional goal to meet in 2023, don’t underestimate the power of getting a good night sleep can be!
  3. Ditching the sleep aids. Did you know that by taking a sleep aid, you aren’t getting natural sleep? Although it can shorten the duration it takes you to fall asleep, the quality of sleep you are getting isn’t restorative. Natural sleep restores the immune system, so you may notice that you’re running out of sick days quicker than before as well.
  4. Weight loss. There aren’t many people these days that don’t have a weight loss goal. But did you know that regardless of how well you’re eating and exercising, you may not get anywhere without a restorative level of sleep? Short sleep will increase hunger and appetite, compromise impulse control within the brain, increase food consumption, decrease feelings of food satisfaction after eating, and prevent effective weight loss while dieting. On average, poor sleep can contribute to a 10-15lb weight gain per year.

That’s right, sleep alone can help you be more productive, loose more weight, reach those financial goals you’ve been shooting for, and even boost your immune system. It really can be that simple!

This all sounds good, but I Don’t know where to start.

If you want sleep to be the foundation for your all of your goals in 2023, and don’t know where to start, let Sleep Wise help! Whether you struggle with sleep nightly, or are looking to improve upon your sleep habits, Sleep Wise has an option for you! Our 1:1 sleep support or self-paced adult sleep course can help you make positive changes to your sleep and get you on the right track to meet those goals you’ve set for the new year.

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Melina Moses
Melina is a well-rounded wealth of knowledge and is always learning - from taking on Pediatric Sleep Consulting with 4 little ones at home to tackling Adult Sleep, to lip, tongue tie, and airway issues. Melina is tireless in the pursuit of knowledge and information - especially when it comes to the health and well-being of her children! She loves sharing what she learns in hopes that it helps others navigate different challenges along this amazing journey of parenthood.


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