What Every Woman is Thankful For

*sets down “Not Today Satan” mug

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there.

Get out your marshmallows and cocoa because I’m about to serve up a dish of Gratitude, and I have a feeling you’re gonna want seconds.

This list will warm the embers of your heart – just in time for Thanksgiving. So set the table and prepare for a feast of knowledge before you start your day today.

You see, women are very simple creatures. If you want to please us, then just…

Let us sleep/tell us we’re beautiful when we look like a bloated wildebeest/put the toilet seat down/don’t cheat/and put your clothes in the hamper…I mean, for starters. #InMyFeelings

But if you’re still hungry to please the lady in your life, I offer a cornucopia of enlightenment:

We’re thankful for the little things
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but “How was your day?” can move mountains. Opening our door, leaving us a (GASP) handwritten note, complimenting us…all goes a long way. I cannot stress this enough: the little things are the big things. 

We’re thankful for consistency
Cue the quote, “If you’re persistent, you will get it. If you’re consistent, you will keep it.” Women want to rely on you. This is predicated on our core desire: Security. Changing things up and going off the grid is sure to grind our gears. We are planners, and knowing what to expect is our love language. When consistency erodes, so does trust. 

We’re thankful for your help
Acts of service means the world to us. Please be advised, lightening our load does NOT mean vacuuming the roof before company arrives. Be useful in very practical ways: clean our car, get us gas, do the dishes…and don’t expect a parade in return. We appreciate when you contribute to our peace with no strings attached.

We’re thankful when you’re good to the kids
Nothing activates a woman more than watching you be a good dad. Whether it’s your own kids or ours, we’re so grateful when you make them a priority. When you genuinely demonstrate a desire to bless them in any way, our hearts burst with gratitude.

We’re thankful for your time
If communication is oxygen to a relationship, quality time would be the ventricles to our heart. Time = value. We feel valued when you put the phone down, make plans, ask us to join you, or take an interest in our passions. 

In summation, gifts are great. But it’s the non-monetary things that matter the most.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always Prada.

Stuffing Salutations,

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Meredith Garrett
By day, Meredith works as a full time legal assistant at a family law firm. By night, she’s working as the owner of Marked by Meredith, helping people design their homes, plan events and style their life. When she’s not preparing pleadings or painting a statement wall, she’s adventuring around Oklahoma City with her son, Grayson (2009), and her daughter, Sutton (2011). Meredith grew up in Oklahoma City, then studied Communication and Creative Writing at the University of Tulsa. In her spare time, she’s spending time with family and friends, fueling herself with coffee and learning how to be a new Cat Mom.


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