5 Unique and Casual Date Ideas in OKC to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I’ve always loved the idea of a romantic dinner and getting dressed up, and going to a fancy restaurant. But as we all know, life throws us curve balls and well…is life! Lucky for all of us, OKC has so many options for you and your significant other to make a date that can be enjoyable and laid back if that is your thing!

Casual Date Ideas OKC5 Unique and Casual Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in OKC

OKC Brewery Scene

Instead of splurging on an expensive dinner why not explore the handful of awesome local breweries? Prairie OKC, COOP Ale Works, and Skydance Brewing Company are all great options and offer something a bit different compared to the others. Make dinner and dessert stop while out and you have a fun unique date night plan.

Updown & Nerd-Out

Are you and your spouse not much for romance? Do you enjoy saving money? Look no further than Up Down Arcade Bar where you can play arcade classics in a chill bar setting. Plan this on a Friday night to get 2$ pizza by the slice! Dress up for fun or keep it casual. Enjoy one of many of their themed cocktails. (If you’re craving something Sweet Pie Junky and Roxy’s are just down the street.)

Hit Up a Thunder Game 

This year the OKC Thunder are playing exceptionally well. Snag some tickets for a game and make some quality time with it. 

Try a Paint and Wine Class

The beauty of doing an activity together is it forces your minds to focus on the moment. You put your phone away and just enjoy creating together. Pinots Pallet  Is conveniently located in Bricktown, putting you in a place with tons of easy food options.

Local Restaurant Crawl

My husband and I discovered how much we loved this. Pick a different place for your 3-course meal. Appetizers and cocktails at one, main dish at another, and dessert to finish it off. We discovered a few gems along the way! (Get in at happy hour at The other room and try their fried goat cheese, trust me). Here are 25 of our Favorite Date Night Restaurants. 

Of course, none of these dates have to count as your Valentine’s Day one! Waiting to dig into some Ben and Jerry’s and watching a movie should be plenty. The purpose is to make the time meaningful and not just keep to the status quo!

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