When a Day’s Work is Never Done

“Parenthood. The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy each precious moment.” Quote by actor Liam Neeson

I love being a mom and all the things that come with it, but there are times when a day’s work is never done.  My kids are young and have not had “real” homework, yet the things they bring home are still overwhelming… reading minutes, collecting box tops, signing permission slips.  Who has library on what day?  What did I sign up to bring for the upcoming party?  What colors are they suppose to wear on a particular day?  Don’t forget the Saline spray, inspect their tooth brushing abilities, trimming fingernails, making lunches, refilling the diaper bag, setting clothes, bows, and all other accessories out for the next day. On top of these daily routines, there are swim lessons, ballet, and/or soccer.  Then there are household chores like, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, endless laundry and dishes, and did I mention laundry?  Do they really need to eat tonight, too?  Then come baths and finally the bedtime routine.  Wait, what do I need for the next day?

“Mommy will just re-brush them for us anyway”
“Mommy will just re-brush them for us anyway”

I keep telling myself that I will get caught up on the house and laundry after the kids go to bed, except I am so tired at the end of the day that I fall into bed myself.  My four year old has commented that the little couch is just for laundry.  In the eyes of a four year old, that probably seems true.

Sometimes it seems the mother’s list is forever long and often overwhelming.  I believe day spas were invented for us moms.  But what mom has time to go to a day spa? I guess we’ll have to settle for a Starbucks on the run.

The only way my husband and I have been able to obtain some sense of order is establishing a daily routine.  We have each taken over a role/responsibility that seems to work.  Our roles/responsibilities evolved over time into a pattern that fit.  It wasn’t something we sat down and discussed but a part of our daily routine is evident at the end of the day.   I tend to get everything organized on what will be needed for the next day while my husband focuses on getting the girls’ baths and pajamas ready.  Then everyone is ready for quiet time together before it’s time for bed.  Our lives are pretty active so occasionally routines go out the window, but overall it helps maintain a little control.  Our girls also seem to function better when they have routines.

As daunting as the day seems with the demands of motherhood, there is an overwhelming sense of pride when we see our kids thriving and learning.  They thrive because of time we spend together and by taking care of their most basic needs.  Our children know their world is secure and filled with love because of what we do as moms.

What are some ways to help with the overwhelming tasks we have as moms?

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Angie and her husband, John, live in Edmond with their three little blessings: Addyson (6/2008), Haley (11/2009) and Paige (9/2012). Angie received her Bachelors in Marketing and her Masters in Management both from Oklahoma Christian University. As each child came along, Angie has adjusted her career to accommodate the active life of her daughters. She now works as a Marketing and Development Coordinator for Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care. When not working, she enjoys chauffeuring her kiddos around and watching the latest chick flick with her husband – much to his dismay. When time permits she enjoys a good pinterest project and reading a good novel.


  1. I used to be more organized with laundry day, grocery day, sweep n dust day etc, but starting to work part time and the holiday season have my plans all in a kerfuffle! Im thankful for a hubby who goes with the flow and even went grocery shopping at midnight after a christmas party last night before this snowstorm rolls in.


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