My Addiction

Recently I took a trip to the Big Apple with a fellow contributor friend, Katie.  I never in a million years thought I would acquire an addiction but after returning I could not stop … GEOCACHING!

Right now you, like most, are wondering – What in the world is Geocaching?

gc6 Geocaching is basically like a scavenger hunt game in your own city (or cities you travel  to). The website gives locations of geocaches near you with clues to locate them. They are  hidden right under your nose and in places you visit a lot.




What does a Geocache look like?

gc1 Geocaches can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have found ones  disguised as bugs and butterflies, ones camouflaged in a box, some are as tiny as your thumb hidden as a bolt on a bench and others hanging as an  ornament from a tree!

What do you do when you find a Geocache?

When you find a geocache you first need to get excited that you actually FOUND it. Then, you need to make sure you are sneakygc7 because if there are others around you who do not know what geocaching is (these people are called muggles) they may come behind you to find it and take it. You will want to open the geocache. Inside will be a piece of paper that will have other names logged on it that have discovered the geocache. Sign the paper and put the log back in the geocache. Put the geocache back in the spot where you found it and how you found it … then on to your next geocache find! 

Some geocaches have little treasures in them. If you take a treasure then you have to make sure you leave a treasure behind as well in the geocache.

Come on, how many people really Geocache?

There are so many people who you never would have thought that take part in this fun hobby! There are have been three times already that we have been out searching for a geocache here in OKC and have run into other people searching in the same exact area as well! A great way to meet local people!

Can anybody Geocache?

If you have patience, like a good challenge, love the outdoors and like to explore … then YOU qualify! Anyone can geocache!

Is it fun?

Yes, it is so much fun! My whole family does it together. My son made a team name for us too, Team Neverland Pirates, and of course he is Jake, I am Izzy and his dad is Cubby. It is a great activity to do on days where you have nothing else planned and you have to NEED TO get out of the house for some easy entertainment. It is a great activity to do if you are traveling and you want a neat way to explore a new city! Trying something new is always a fun thing to do!

Okay, you convinced me, how do I get started?!

So simple, just go to the site  and create a free login. Put the zip code or address in which you want to search for a geocache. Many will come up on a map, click on one to read the clue and coordinates. Go on foot, by car or plane and start your hunt …


What kind of hobbies have you recently acquired? What types of interesting things do you do that you wish more people knew about? Share!


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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I’ve seen Katie talking about it, so I’m glad you did a post with lots of information! My kids will love this! We will have to try it!


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