Meal Plan and Grocery List – DONE!

Do you ever wish someone would plan a week’s worth of meals for your family with a printable grocery list?

You’re. In. Luck. I just so happen to LOVE meal-planning. I’ve picked out two of my favorite breakfasts, two EASY lunches that work for school/work, and four delicious dinners that are both family-friendly and frugal! 

A few tips

  1. Shop your pantry first! I have written out every single item for every recipe, but shop your pantry/freezer first to avoid buying items you already have. You can also sub similar items (i.e. cauliflower for broccoli) or just leave an item out if it’s not on sale, or not in budget!
  2. I divided the grocery list by meal – that way, if you’re leaving out one meal or doubling up you know which items correspond to that recipe.
  3. Customize to your liking! You have my full permission to NOT follow a recipe. I am a rebel by nature and rarely do I follow a recipe exactly as it is written. All of these can easily be made vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free with available substitutes.  
  4. The Salisbury Steak Meatballs are the most labor-intensive recipe I have included here. While normally I am all about that EASY BUTTON, I guarantee this recipe is worth the steps and ingredients.
  5. The coconut aminos called for in the meatball recipe are cheap at Trader Joe’s. That’s a bonus tip from me to you. 



  • Greek Meal-prep Bowls
  • Veggie-loaded hashbrowns


  • Apple Nachos


Greek Meal-prep Bowls: Marinate chicken overnight in Greek dressing and prepare as your family prefers (instant pot, grill, crockpot). For chickpeas, rinse and cook in a pan until crispy. Veggies can be steamed or roasted. Serve with hummus or tzatziki!

Veggie-loaded hashbrowns: Using frozen hashbrowns as a base, chop up your veggies about the same size as the hashbrowns. Cook covered in a skillet as directed for frozen hashbrowns! Serve with eggs, avocado, and everything bagel seasoning! You can also add sausage, etc.

Apple Nachos: Slice apples thin and add toppings! I like nut butter, honey, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, chocolate chips…

Quinoa Bowls: This is what I call a “fridge cleanout” meal. By scheduling in a fridge cleanout meal each week, you can eliminate food waste. So for your quinoa bowls, you will make your quinoa base and throw in any leftover veggies and proteins from the week!

Grocery List

Click here to print out your grocery list! We hope that this gives you back a few moments this week to spend with family or with yo’self! Comment and let us know how you liked the recipes!

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