Junk In My Trunk {Organized Space}

Hello, my name is Anna, and I have a messy van.  We’re talking old cups, trail mix crumbs, magna doodles, cars, books, target stickers, etc.  Can I get an AMEN?!  Even when I give it the very best cleaning I can while my kiddos are napping, as soon as we all pile in for our next outing, it’s filthy again.  However, today I will be giving you a tour of the not-so-chaotic part of my “Mommy Van” – the trunk.

a stroller.  a potty.  a set of drawers.  reusable bags.
a stroller. a potty. a set of drawers. reusable bags.

I have a system that helps me to feel like I am Super Mom by being prepared for almost anything. We have far too many strollers at our house, so I like to alleviate a little bit of garage space by keeping one in the car… so if we take an impromptu trip to the zoo, I’m ready.

Seeing the system in action on the side of the road.
Seeing the system in action on the side of the road.

Before I had children, I used to nanny for a very smart woman who listened to her very smart friend.  She told me a little secret to cure many of the potty training heartaches that happen when you are riding in the car.  Enter, the froggy potty.  The cheapest potty chair that Wal-mart has to offer.  You keep it in the back of your vehicle so that whenever your wee one realizes that they have to go RIGHT NOW, you can just pull over and take care of business.  I use it most on road trips.  That way, I only have to get one child out of a car seat at a time, rather than herding the cats through a gas station to the restroom.  My daughter is still in the accident-happening phase, so it’s perfect for going before we run into the

wipes and paper towels
wipes and paper towels

grocery store.  Empty that tiny tank and hop to it, sister!  I keep antibacterial wipes to clean the potty after I have dumped it out and regular wipes for little bottoms.  If you aren’t in a place where dumping out is appropriate, simply use the small kitchen trash bags to empty into so you can tie it up and toss it.

kids solo cups with straw and lid.
kids solo cups with straw and lid.

The other thing that has completely revolutionized the hind quarters of my vehicles is a Sterilite Three Drawer Container.  I keep our dvd player for road trips, paper towels, all of my wipes, extra diapers/pull up, a change of clothes for each child, and another fabulous creation: Solo cups for kids.

These cups are the best non-necessary inventions I have come across.  No matter where you are or what your kids have to drink, you can be prepared…unless your three and two year olds are really good with cups, then I admire them (and you!) for that. I also try to have a few sustainable grocery bags and insulated bag on hand.  True confession:  I usually leave them in the car.

So maybe, if you are suffering from car-clutter, you to can organize the junk in your trunk with a few of these ideas.

What ways do you keep your car clutter-free?

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Anna is a born and raised Arkansan, transplanted to OKC for her husband’s job. She has 3 fantastic kiddos who are currently three and under. Although she has never taught in the school system, her degree is Family and Consumer Sciences Education is put to use every day in her full time career as a stay at home mom. Anna is also a lifestyle and portrait photographer. She’s Yoga practicing, lover of sewing, cloth diapering, DIY-ing, baby wearing mom who loves to bake with processed sugar. You can keep up with her over at Barefoot Mamma.


  1. Melanie, that’s awesome! My sister-in-law has something like that. It really is the coolest thing. I like to consider myself a recycler 😉 that little frog only gets used a few days in our house.

  2. What great ideas! We’ve just become so good at “teeing” on the side of the road. Now, Violet won’t have a public indecency record at the age of four.

  3. Whitney– Is it bad that I wish my girls were good at that? Ha! Everytime it becomes a HUGE mess… on them, their clothes, and somehow myself! Bleh. Love the traveling potty seat idea!


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