Hot Take: Baby Showers are Not Enough for New Moms

The other day I was listening to a podcast (honestly can’t remember which one of the many podcasts I listen to), and the host of the podcast was interviewing America Ferrera. THE America Ferrera who helped all of us millennial-mommas navigate our teenage years when she was in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

America is not only an incredible actress, but she is also the mom of two sweet boys. In this podcast, she was discussing all things pregnancy and motherhood. During her time she made a really interesting point:

Baby showers as we know them are NOT enough to truly support an expecting mother.

And to be honest, I cannot agree more. Let me tell you why.

Having a baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it can also come with a lot of planning, stress & even at times anxiety. Whether this is a first child or a 10th child there is so much that is has to be done over the next 9 months to prepare.

Prenatal doctor appointments to attend.
Nursery to decorate.
Furniture to buy.
Birth Plan to Build.
Stocking up on the essentials.
The constant worry about baby’s health.
And the list goes on and on!

And that is why we have baby showers, sprinkles, and diaper parties for dads. We want to help prepare new parents with all of the physical things needed for a new baby. These are all good and wonderful things to do, so please hear me out when I say:

They are not always enough.

We must also help take care of the mental and spiritual health of parents-to-be.

I am NOT saying that we should do away with fun parties to celebrate the joy of a new life, but instead I am suggesting what we can do in addition to these.

In the podcast, America said that she asked her close circle of friends to spend time with her and give her space the talk about the things in birth and motherhood that she felt unprepared for. Her friends gathered around her and spoke truths over her fears and anxieties.

Here are a few ideas of what I am proposing:

  • Host a prayer brunch for mom-to-be where she can express how she is feeling and the group can pray over her.
    • Bonus points for bringing note cards to everyone to write down scripture to encourage her during her first days of motherhood.
  • Schedule (with momma’s permission) a house cleaner to come in and help deep clean her house, while you take her out to a meal where you can spend time talking about how she is feeling.
  • Host a dinner with her closest friends and family where she can talk about her fears/anxieties. The group can remind her of her strength, give encouragement, and speak the truth over fears.
  • Get a group together to help prepare a few freezer meals for the families the first few weeks after birth. Spend time in the kitchen together cooking, and letting mom-to-be relax, and give her a safe space to talk about how she is feeling.

These are just a few of my ideas! Get creative. Find her love language. Make her feel comfortable, loved, and prepared to welcome this new little life.

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Jill Hanson
Hey y’all! I am a born and raised Okie girl who loves Jesus, her family, and friends a WHOLE lot. I am married to very best friend, Ryan, and have a sweet, spunky 6-year-old girl, Makayla, and two sweet angel babies in Heaven. As someone who was a divorced single-momma for almost 5 years I have a heart and passion for serving single-mommas. To be honest, I truly believe that there is no strength quite like the strength of a single mom, and once you have walked down that road you can’t help but want to love on anyone else who is walking through that chapter in their life. I am also in a season of transition from my current job as a Corporate Training Specialist & Instructional Designer to owning my own consulting business, Lemon Tree Business Solutions. Talk about a big change! The change in career path can only be contributed to God opening all of the right doors needed for me to truly have the freedom and flexibility to serve my family and community to the best of my ability. I love Jesus, long coffee chats, shopping dates with my daughter, ALL things Disney (did I mention that I worked at Disney World in college), traveling with my family, and quality time with my people!


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