I Declined Lula’s Friend Request

It started with one friend request.  

Then another, and another. Then it was daily. Lula was taking over my friend world. I couldn’t get away from her – all my friends were talking about her and inviting her over.  So I decided to see what all the hype was about. And I went to her party.  I gave her a chance.  But at the end of that party, I decided to decline her friendship.  And here’s why.

1. She’s Bold 

I’m a muted kind of girl.  I like to mix and match things. And a lot of her stuff is loud.  And there isn’t a lot of mixing and matching kiss mark or sailboat leggings.  And quite honestly, I just can’t rock them.  But I know a lot of people who can, and do!

2. She’s expensive

Some things are worth taking the hit for and spending a little more.  Like designer clothes that last, a good hair color, or a leather purse that lasts a lifetime. Pajama tops and bottoms that you wear in public?  I can’t justify it in my head.  

3. She’s everywhere 

I talk all day long to my kids about how they don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing.  To be themselves.  Take the road less traveled.  So I’m following my own advice.  You can spot Lula at every school event, every girls night out, and every MDO drop off.  While I’d love to fit in and be seen in the newest mom clothing craze, I’m going to sit this one out.

4. She’s a reminder I don’t want  

Body after baby is a struggle. Sometimes you just can’t get back what you had. But I don’t want the reminder with large loose fitting tops that those days are over and I now need to resort to tent like clothing to be comfortable. And the things I am interested in are of course the form fitting skirts. And I have to face it, I don’t think anyone wants to see me in a tight fitting skirt anymore.  Except for maybe my husband.

5. She’s expensive

Did I mention how expensive she is?  $54 for a pajama shirt?  As you can see, I’m still not over it.

Now before you start the Facebook comment rapid fire, I will point out the things my friends love about her.

  1. She’s loud – One of my favorite people in the world can rock the stork leggings.  
  2. She’s everywhere – Its easy to find, it’s easy to purchase, and because a lot of it is one size fits all, it’s easy to trade.
  3. She’s comfortable – I get it.  I really do.  There comes a point when comfort is a necessity to make it through the day.  Lula, my friends love this about you.

If you want to be friends with Lula – girl – in the words of Corinne from The Bachelor: “you do you”.  But I’m going to speak for, and give permission to, the few of us who don’t really like her.

Lula – I’m declining your friendship.  It’s not you, it’s me. 


** This post was written in good fun by an author whose best friends in the world love Lula.

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Amy is an Oklahoma City Native who is the mom of 3 kids ages 14, 11, and 9 and married to her college sweetheart. She ditched Corporate America and her accounting career in order to pursue her creative side and keep up with her kids. She is the author of the blog JustFinishStrong where she blogs about food, family and fitness. Coffee, a scenic run, her border collie, Izzy, and exotic chocolate are a few of her favorite things!


  1. I’m with ya! I purchased. Got home to strut my new digs for hubby. He was cool. I felt like a pregnant 55 year old. Not pretty. A shame really. I have so many friends who look great in their Lula.


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