Where to Celebrate Black History Month with Kids in OKC | 2024

“Black history is indeed American history, but it is also world history.” – Angela Y. Davis

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Black History Month (Feb 1 – March 1) is a great time to celebrate the contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history. However, Black history touches our lives each and every day of the year.

Did you brush your hair this morning with a brush? Thank Lyda Newman.

Did you have an extra maxi-pad to give to your teen daughter who just ran out? Thank Mary B. Kenner.

Did you use an egg beater or mixer to make eggs or pancake batter for the kids this morning? Thank Willis Johnson.

Were your kids able to wear dry clothes from the dryer? Thank George T. Sampson.

Traffic lights helpful on your way to school drop-off? Thank Garrett Morgan.

Did you have a smooth run with your baby in her stroller this evening? Thank William H. Richardson

It’s easy to name off Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks as significant Black History Month figures. But, how many of the names of Black inventors listed above were you familiar with? This month, challenge your family to learn about the contributions of lesser-known African Americans throughout history. To get you started, here is a list of ways that your family can honor and celebrate their achievements in and around OKC!

Local Events and Activities

What: Art Exhibit:The Tampkins Family Exhibit
Where: Myriad Botanical Gardens (Crystal Bridge Conservatory Visitor Lobby)
When: January 25 –March 6, 2024
Cost: Free
Description: Demetrice Dalton, Raemekka Tampkins, and Miyah Threats add their own unique flair to this vibrant artistic lineage. Explore the captivating journey of the Tampkins Family and witness creativity intertwine.

What: Celebrating Black History Family Fun Kit
Where: Pickup at Wright Library
When: January 30 – February 3
Cost: Free
Description: Black History is American History and it’s time to celebrate it! Kits will include fun family activities, crafts, and information about Black History Month.

What: Discover Greatness: An Illustrated History of the Negro Leagues exhibit
Where: Oklahoma History Center 
When: Feb 6 – April 21
Description: The Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center in Enid will share the history of baseball Negro Leagues with an exhibit opening February 6. It is a truly American story, full of aspiration, injustice, triumph, and complexity.

Local Black History Month Resources and Opportunities to Learn, Grow and Empower

Share Your Creativity

OKC Thunder Black Heritage Creative Contest
Deadline for submission: February 5
Description: This student art competition is open to students in grades 9 – 12 (public, private, home schooled). Students are encouraged to create an original poster depicting “an inspirational experience, moment or individual in Black History” and describe the impact they/it has made in their lives. Entries may be submitted online, by mail or in person.

Never Stop Learning

Nappy Roots Books 
3705 Springlake Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: 405-896-0203

Nappy Roots Books is an independent African American bookstore, art gallery, gathering space, and community center. Nappy Roots specializes in books for “adults and children that reflect the history, culture, art and people of the African diaspora, and books that address political, social and economic issues in the African American community and other communities of color.”

Metropolitan Library System

The Metropolitan Library System has a wide variety of Black History Month take home kits that are available during the month of February at several locations. The categories of the kits include arts and crafts, books and knowledge quizzes. Lots of fun and knowledge for the whole family!

Oklahoma Education Association

Although geared towards teachers, the Oklahoma Education Association’s Black History Month web page provides access to a number of educational resources that your family can use to explore different aspects of Black History all year round.

What did we miss?! Are there other ways YOUR family is honoring Black History Month this year?

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Christina Mushi-Brunt
Christina and her family moved to SW OKC from Indiana in 2014 . She married her high school sweetheart 18 years ago and they have three kiddos: son, (15) and daughters (12 and 9). She is a former college professor/public health researcher turned PTA president/dance mom. She has a heart for public policy/advocacy work, particularly in areas affecting children, marginalized and vulnerable populations. Her family’s mission statement is “Love God; Love Others.” As a family they volunteer together often, enjoy traveling, and hold impromptu dance challenges in their living room.


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