An Instrumental Book to Help Children Process Death (One I Hope You Never Need to Read)

I wrote a book –Yes I did!

It’s a children’s book full of lovely pictures and has a really sweet story.

It’s also a book I hope you will never need to read…

What? An author who doesn’t want you to read her book? Well, kinda…

If you give me a minute, I will explain.

In 2019, when my two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, I had no resources to explain her illness to her. When we were told she would not survive a year later, there were no books on how to explain death to a child in gentle, faith-filled terms. “Millie Finds Her Miracle” is a book that leads readers on Millie’s journey as she searches everywhere for her miracle of healing. From her playground to the hospital, with people around the world praying, Millie ultimately finds her miracle in heaven. This book is instrumental to children facing their own death, siblings seeing death, parents walking with their child through death, and the numerous caregivers who assist in the end-of-life process. Very young children will love finding the butterfly hidden on each page and looking at the bright, simple illustrations.

Since releasing “Millie Finds Her Miracle”, I am also seeing parents read this book to their children who are facing the death of a parent, grandparent, or even beloved family pet. The book is a tool that allows you to explain to your child that just as Millie went to heaven, soon grandma will go to heaven. This book is perfect for anyone who is facing death either in their family or friend circle—sadly, lets face it, that really is all of us eventually.

“Millie Finds Her Miracle” is available on and at all major retailers.

Other places you can find more from me, Millie’s mama, is on Facebook at Millie’s Miracle , on Oklahoma City Mom and Her View From Home Blog. I write about childhood cancer, child loss, and lots of random life things that I have experienced as a mom to a large, homeschooling family living on a farm.

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Finally, are you interested in hearing me share more of our cancer and grief journey? How about a podcast where I talk about my heart, my life, and my girl’s legacy?


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Up until 2019, I thought Childhood Cancer and even Child loss were rare–the exception. Now I know all around us are hurting people. My desire is that the things I share may touch you or someone you know as you go through hard times. 

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Courtney Mount
Hi, I'm Courtney! Born and raised in Oklahoma, I have birthed 9 babies who have given me 7 grandbabies--so far. I am a slightly crunchy, homeschooling mama of 28 years. In 2020, I also became a grieving mama as my 3 year old lost her battle to Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. I currently write about our everyday life, child loss, grief, and Jesus at You can also find me at


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