5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Seven years ago I met David while we were attending the same church. He was always the fun guy to invite for hangouts or to feed – I love feeding people. David is now considered family, and is at my house at least once a week. He is also a plumber and works for his family plumbing business!

One day, David was mulling over his frustrations of common mistakes he encounters when doing his everyday job. So I asked him what he wished homeowners would stop doing. Never fear, David had a list – and I’m here to share it with you!

1. Garbage disposals are a lie.

Ok, but let’s talk about this one. For years we have witnessed people (including ourselves) stuffing food scraps down the drain. Stop it. It was a hard habit for me to break, but the truth is garbage disposals are glorified choppers. At the end of the day, you’re still dumping lots of food down the drain; it’s just mushy food now. Mushy food clogs the pipes and will still back up your drains. 

2. Biodegradable products are also a lie.

One of the biggest culprits of clogged sewer lines is biodegradable products. Technology will try to tell you that these amazing wet wipes of magic are flushable, but in any case, the product still takes time to break down. Just toss the items in the trash and save yourself from the potential disaster. 

3. Drain cleaners are not your friend.

Drain cleaners (or anything acidic) is dangerous for your plumbing and your skin. They can cause long-term issues when used multiple times, and are not nearly as effective as you assume. Think of it as over-exfoliating your skin: at some point you’re just exacerbating the problem and giving yourself new ones. 

4. Avoid covering up your outdoor plumbing access points. 

Sure they’re not pretty, but covering up clean-outs, sprinkler access, and water service makes your local plumber’s job a headache. Plus, the mess and fuss that will be made to get to these places could look even worse than just leaving them exposed and ready when needed. 

5. Water-saving toilets are not always saving the world. 

I am all for being kinder to our environment! Saving water is always a win in my book and in today’s age of tech devices assisting us in these endeavors, why not go for a water-saving toilet? Well, that’s not exactly the case. Think of it this way: you have a water-saving toilet and had a bad day and need ice cream. You ignore the fact that you’re lactose intolerant, and the following two hours are pure agony. The thing is, you might/most likely will have to double flush to get the aftermath out, defeating the purpose of the toilet. And even if one flush worked, the amount of water put out may not be enough to send your poor decision-making down the drain. Save time and money and forgo that option.

I hope this post helps you avoid a potentially expensive accident in the future! Oh yeah, and happy flushing!

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