12 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Moms ACTUALLY Want

Okay, ladies – Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if your partner is anything like mine, there may or may not be any plans in place yet. If you’re a little nervous, it’s time to drop some hints – for your partner OR your kiddos! You can even send this post to your partner for convenience.

Me personally? I made my own brunch reservation weeks ago.

That’s literally all I want for Mother’s Day. Brunch outside of my house. If you need ideas for the mama in your life, or for yourself, this is the list for you! We took a survey of local mamas, and here’s what they said they REALLY want for Mother’s Day (that can likely be accomplished in time)!

Free or Inexpensive Gift Ideas

  • Sweet notes from partners and/or kids – something beyond “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you” really goes a long way!
  • Time alone 
  • A day without cooking or cleaning! Seriously – mama shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING on Mother’s Day.
  • Sleeping in or taking a long nap – nothing says love like getting the kids out of the house so mama can sleep!
  • A day without bickering – bribe the kids if you have to. Or just take them out of the house so mama doesn’t hear it.
  • A simple, quiet day as a family unit – in other words, schedule a Mother’s Day celebration with extended family on a different day! We love our moms, and we love our in-laws, but separate celebrations offer a chance for both Mom and Grandma(s) to feel celebrated and rested.

If You Want to Splurge…

  • A night in a hotel – send mama away on Saturday night and let her wake up to an empty hotel room. She can sleep in, order room service, and still be home to celebrate with the family in the afternoon.
  • House and/or car professionally cleaned – ok, you may not be able to line up a professional house cleaner by Sunday, but you can definitely make that car sparkle! Be aware – you may find mummified tater tots and Cheerios in there.
  • Massage/Spa Day – any mama will feel pampered with a little self-care! Whether a gift card to her favorite spa, or a scheduled appointment this weekend, a spa day is on just about every mama’s list.
  • Gift cards! Send mama out for the day with gift cards to her favorite stores – she can shop in peace and quiet, and without guilt! Don’t know her favorite stores? I bet her kiddos do! When in doubt, Target is always a winner.
  • Last but not least, schedule some family photos! Moms never have enough photos that they’re actually in. Even if taking family photos isn’t your favorite thing, it will absolutely mean the world to the mama of your children. 

There you have it! Top items on local mamas’ wish lists! What would YOU add?

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Stacy grew up in Minnesota, but spent the next several years of her life traversing the globe, temporarily setting down roots anywhere and everywhere. Stacy is extremely passionate about the world of adoption and foster care, having spent a year in Uganda adopting her oldest daughter in 2008. Stacy married her husband Jesse in 2011, and they moved to Oklahoma City to grow their family. After a brief hiatus in Minnesota, Stacy and her beloved family of five returned to Oklahoma City in June of 2017. They are thrilled to be back "home" where sweet tea flows like water and they can fully embrace saying "Y'all". Stacy obtained a Master’s degree in child psychology in 2007, but currently uses it only on her own children! A stay-at-home mama since Baby #3 was born, Stacy has stayed busy keeping her children alive and relatively entertained. She loves her little crazy crew fiercely and is enjoying returning to all of their favorite local haunts. When she’s not chasing her kiddos, Stacy is likely traveling or daydreaming about traveling. She also enjoys coffee shops, copious amounts of “cop drama” shows, and perusing pinterest for ideas that have little chance of ever getting done. But they’re good to have. Just in case.


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