10 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Less Stressful

Whether you’re a planner or a last-minute scrambler, planning Thanksgiving dinner can be a headache. Maybe you love the chance to tie a cute apron on and become the hostess of the day, or you loathe the idea of a crowded home, we could all use a bit of help. 

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Big Sky Bread Co
Big Sky has all your needs covered regarding delicious breads and even stuffing! (Or is it dressing? I can never keep it straight.) Call or visit to order a pan of perfect rolls, snag a loaf or two of bread, and now one of your Thanksgiving staples has been taken care of! Keep an eye out for when pre-Thanksgiving ordering starts

Dollar Tree
Ok, hear me out. The dollar and a quarter tree can be your one-stop shop for cute, seasonal decorations and dinner wear. Sure Nana’s china is beautiful but with kids, accidents happen. Plus all the extra cleanup that goes into using the Good dishes why not make it easier and snag some cheap chic plates and glasses?

Ditch the Turkey for a Ham (or Chicken)
So my husband is not the biggest fan of turkey. He is, however a lover of ham, and there are benefits! Ham is going to save you money this time of year. Ham can also be chef-friendly and in my personal opinion makes for better leftovers.  If you’re feeding a small crowd or just your family roasting a chicken can not only be cheaper but kid palet friendly. 

Pie Junkie 
If your family treats Thanksgiving like a pie-eating contest, look no further than Pie Junkie. Memaw can tell you the ease of whipping up a pecan pie all day, but sometimes Mama just needs some rose’ and rest. Plus you and I both know that Buttermilk pie is heaven.

Make it a Potluck
Every Southern/midwest family has their crowd pleasers and everyone knows who makes the best Green bean casserole. So why stress over every dish plus the main when the work can be distributed? Especially when you have a large group. Please stick to the basics and let Aunt Lisa who swears her pumpkin pie is the best prove it.

Kid’s Craft Table
Okay I know, I said I give you things that would make your day less stressful but hear me out. If you’re hosting and multiple littles will be around this could make your day go so much smoother. Kids get bored and with different ages and attention spans the occasional “I’m hungry!”, “I’m Bored!” Will pop up. Having options to keep them pre-occupied will keep your kitchen free of sticky hands and give adults a chance to chat and enjoy the company. Check out this page For ideas and inspiration.

Break Tradition and Make a Meal You Love
Some people love the spread that is offered on Thanksgiving, and some are pretty lukewarm about it. Why stress about making a meal your family isn’t excited about? No one is going to call you a traitor for skipping out on the turkey. Maybe make it a brunch! Everyone loves pancakes! Which leads me to the next point.

Crowdsource Your Menu
I’m a waist not want not kind of person. I hate when certain dishes are barely touched because half the family hates corn. To keep from having excessive leftovers and stressing over cooking 20 dishes just find out what the family wants. You might be surprised that everyone agrees on 2-3 sides and 1-2 pies.

Ask Everyone to Bring Tupperware. 
For some families excessive leftovers is great, but for some, the thought of eating the same turkey 3 different ways for a week isn’t.  When inviting your guest, tell them to bring their own doggie bags. It’ll cut down leftovers and the extra work it takes to put them away. 

And lastly…

Just go to Cracker Barrel. I heard they serve wine now. 

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