25 Ways to Spoil a Grandchild in OKC

25 Ways

We all know that grandparents are awesome. Because of this, my daughter suffers from what I like to call, “First and only grandchild on both sides syndrome”.

And by suffers, I mean she relishes in it.  Because at the ripe old age of 1.5 she has figured out how to WORK IT for the grandparents.  We visit them and the show begins.  Hey Nana, did you know I can say applesauce and it’s adorable? Lemme do it 85 times.  Along with high fives, fist bumps, blowing kisses…the girl knows how to please a crowd. Especially a crowd that is already enamored with her.

The ways my parents and in-laws are able to spoil her are many and varied.  It’s all an elaborate scheme to reach True Hero Status in her eyes and to ensure that we spend at least 24 hours coming down from the “grandparent high” after a significant amount of time is spent together. Seemingly nothing is off-limits or “no” worthy in their scheming loving grandparent eyes.  So, in case you’re looking to spoil a grandchild/niece/nephew/neighbor’s kid or whoever…I’m letting you in on how to do that, and do it well, in Oklahoma City.

How to Spoil a Grandchild in OKC

1. Go to the State Fair of Oklahoma and start saying yes.  Yes, you can ride that ride. Yes, you can have cotton candy. Yes, you can have funnel cake.  Deliver sugar filled children to their parents immediately after you exit the fairgrounds.

2. Go to Daylight Donuts.  See above re: saying yes and what to do with sugar filled children.

3. Head to the zoo and do ALL THE THINGS. Ride the train, make sure you feed the giraffes & sting rays, hit up the gift shop…need I go on?

4. Take a horse drawn carriage ride through Bricktown

5. Take a ride on the Bricktown Water Taxi

6. Main Event. No explanation needed.

7. Take them to the Dynamo Gymnastics Play Zone and let jump and play and slide their little hearts out.  Bonus: they’ll probably fall asleep on the way home.

8. Take them to a sporting event! Thunder basketball, Dodgers baseball, or Energy soccer

9. Go to the Learning Tree and agree to buy whatever they can carry to the register

10. Braum’s. For dinner. Ordering from the ice cream side, obviously.

11. Take them to eat at The Garage.  Do not limit the number of games of skee-ball that they can play or number of root beers they can consume.

12. Take them to Full Circle Bookstore for story time. Stay to play or to curl up and read one of your favorite books together.

13. There’s always fun to be had at the Children’s Garden at the Myriad Gardens.  Bonus points if you head over to the Ice House for root beer floats after you play.

14.  Go eat at Shogun or another hibachi restaurant.  Because what is better than the onion tower on fire?  Nothing. Nothing is better than that. Except maybe the part where they throw knives. Parents generally discourage knife-throwing.

15. Give the kids a throwback experience at the Winchester Drive-In

16. Make a day of it and use our day-trip guide to plan an extra-special outing.  (Hint: You will not go wrong with a visit to Bedre Chocolates).

17. Get your kicks on Route 66! Stop at Pops for lunch and sample one of the over 600 flavors of soda!

18. Take them to eat at Mutts Hot Dogs.  All hot dogs. All the time. There is no downside here. Score extra points for driving down the road to Cuppies & Joe for a cupcake. (I’m partial to the Boom Boom Pow.)

19. Check out our monthly guides for ideas on special local events happening in your area! Take them for an extra-special outing or playdate with our calendar.

20. Take them to feed the ducks at a pond or park near you!  Or to play at your favorite metro-area park.

21. Head to the Orr Family Farm for a full day of fun! Ride the train, fish, take a hay ride, get lost in the corn maze…and SO much more!

22. Jump around! Take them for an outing at Elevation Trampoline Park 

23. Take them to the Science Museum and be sure to hit up one of the special shows!

24. Visit Top Golf – aka – every grandfather’s dream come true.

25. If in doubt, do what my parents did and get a puppy.



Do you see that face? I cannot compete with that face.  There are exactly zero things at our house more fun than Grandad’s new puppy. Yet another win for the grandparents!

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Kelly Guinn
Kelly is a working momma to her daughter, Genevieve (2014) and son, J.W. (2016). She’s an Edmond native, but left the state to get a degree in journalism from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) and work in Dallas for a few years. She moved back “home” to Oklahoma after meeting her husband and is now so thrilled to be raising her children right where she grew up! When she’s not working or playing with her kiddos, she’s making note of some of motherhood’s (mis)adventures and celebrating mediocrity on her blog –The OK Momma.



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