Summertime Birthday Ideas to Beat the Oklahoma Heat

As a summer baby and a mother of a summer baby, I know all too well the challenges Oklahoma can bring when planning a birthday party. Some of you may not know this, but it can get too hot to even enjoy a splash pad, and when it does, any indoor activities can become crowded rather quickly. 

First of all, if you haven’t already, check out our Ultimate Guide to Birthday Parties in OKC. 

Here are some hidden gems you may not know about to switch it up this year. 

Little Divas Spa

Does your girl love being pampered? Does she have a few besties who love being pampered too? This place is absolutely the cutest. Take a group of your daughter’s friends for a spa day. You can do a basic mani/pedi, paint pallets, do makeup, and even have a fashion show. Best of all you get to sit back and enjoy. 

Tent Slumber Party in the Living Room

This is great when your kid has a few close friends and no desire for a big party. Set up the living room with pillows and forts. Design it with your child and watch how some pizza and a few movies can be made special by adding tents into the mix.

Cupcake Decorating Party at the Pinkitzle

Have some culinary fun! Take your kid and their friends to decorate their own sweet creations. It’s like making the birthday cake the center of the birthday party! 

Paint Party at the Artsy Rose Academy

Got a little artist who loves to create? Another great option when you want to enjoy your kid’s birthday without having to do the heavy work. Plus, having the keepsake of a painting is just so cool. 

Tea party with Mad Hatter Par-Teas

You could easily throw your own tea party but honestly, some things are more fun left to the professionals. Lean into character themes or keep it simple. 

Trampoline Park

Is your kid outgrowing the typical indoor play place? Here they can do more than go down a slide a few 100 times. They have ropes courses, Climbing walls, huge trampolines and much more! Also, keeping it indoors will help beat the heat but still keep them active.  

Oklahoma Science Museum

If you’re already a member of the science museum you can get discounts on birthday parties! The best part is, you can make it an all-day event. With partygoers receiving a ticket for the day, have your child’s friends show up early and play until party time arrives, and then play some more!

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