How to Buy Local Meat in the OKC Metro

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I have a passion for local agriculture. As a local producer I love to help people meet local farmers and ranchers and take control of where their food comes from. This is by no means an exhausted list as there are dozens, if not hundreds, of ranches in Oklahoma that can provide your family with quality food. 

It can be daunting and overwhelming to buy a half or a whole beef or pork. Eating that cost at once is a huge financial commitment, and it can be difficult to find the physical space for the meat or find friends or family willing to split it. However, it’s worth the effort and financial investment. It can be a great gift as well. The biggest take away is buying in bulk and directly from a rancher/ farmer as you get filet mignon at hamburger prices. If it’s custom cut, you can get everything just how you like it!

How to Buy Local Meat in the OKC Metro

Bachman Farms

The Bachman’s raise grass-fed and finished beef outside of Deer creek you can purchase half and whole beeves from them. They also ship their meats directly to your door. Their beef is also carried at the Conscious Community Co-op in north Edmond. They also have periodic drop off locations in the metro.

Callison Ranch

Nikki and Rodger, have been raising high quality Oklahoma beef, they specialized in dry aged beef shipped from their ranch to your door. They also have an adorable market on their ranch where you can shop their beef, ranch goods, and other locally made products. They also have a super cute quaint Air BNB cabin, on the ranch that you can stay in. 


RE:Farms races regeneratively in south of the OKC metro, they raise grass-fed beef and pastured pork. They have an emphaisance of the land and producing high quality product for the community.

Dugan Farms

Dugan Farms is located in Guthrie, OK. They carry a variety of bundles, and meats. They also have variety of ways to pick up your meat.

Another great way to source local meat is by purchasing a market animal from a 4Her or FFA student, you fill your freezer and you can help a kid in agriculture out. It’s a win win.

There is also Urban Agrarian and Arcadia Farmers Market which are great places to shop for local foods.

Do you source your food locally? Tell us from where!

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Julia is a Jersey girl turned Okie! She graduated from MICA with a BFA. She moved to Oklahoma, her husband's home state, almost ten years ago. Seven years ago, her family moved to the country and bought a farm. She runs the day to day operations of the farm, The Humble Hive Homestead, where they raise poultry, pork and beef for the community. Julia also home schools their two boys. When not wrangling 2 and 4 legged critters, she enjoys quilting, reading, and creating custom art. She has a big garden, loves food preservation and cooking. She loves coffee with way too much cream and sugar.



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