High Expectations of the Babysitter {Neoporter}

I am a stay at home mom that goes crazy when I have to stay at home. I typically have a plan for every day and like to be out and active, getting things accomplished.  I’ve already ingrained in my daughter my love for being out and about, so she asks every night, “What are we doing tomorrow?”

Kids likely want to stay at home to nap instead of trying to catch a snooze in a stroller. Perfect time to hire Neoporter.
Kids likely want to stay at home to nap instead of trying to catch a snooze in a cart. Perfect time to hire Neoporter.

But sometimes, I don’t like to take my kids out with me. {Actually, a lot of times.} We are in the phase where I’m herding cats wherever I go and making any sort of quick stop becomes an extra-long stop.  “Mom, I want THIS cart, not that one!” or simply just beelining off into some other section at Wal-mart while I’m trying to grab a birthday card.  Many times I feel like others are just staring at me, wondering why I can’t keep my kids in line.  Believe me, I’m wondering that myself! At what age can they stay home by themselves, again?

But since I can’t (and would never) leave my kids home by themselves at this phase in life, it’s very helpful to have a babysitting service that you can call on anytime.  I am blessed to have family live nearby, but they aren’t always available to help out. Many times I need help during the day, like during nap-time, or later into the evening when they’d rather be asleep!

As a parent, I have high expectations of who I leave my children with.  I don’t trust just anybody and I want them to actually engage my children while I’m gone.  I don’t want someone constantly on their phone or content to sit on the couch and watch movies the entire time. I want to know that they will be taken care of, that fun games could happen, that if an emergency arose, that the babysitter would react quickly just as if I were there.

Neo_logo_OKC-MOMSNeoporter is an online babysitting site that helps you find a Helper when you need it most!  They work with individuals as independent contractors and go through a variety of checklists to make sure they are in good standing order and a good fit for your family. They also have a great blog that can help you find some fun ideas for crafts or healthy snacks.  You can also find profiles of Helpers that they contract so you can get to know someone before they step foot in your home.

And what about the information you’d like to leave behind for the babysitter? You know, emergency names, numbers, your address or important things they need to know?  They have a great printable, The Family Scoop, where you can keep this handy for all potential sitters.

Neoporter helps out in all areas of your life.  Not only do they excel in on-demand babysitting services, they offer errand running (for when you’d like to stay with your kids instead), pet-sitting, or senior companionship.  Their rates are quite affordable too.

So whether you need some time alone to browse the aisles of Target or need to get some serious shopping done without the kids in tow, give Neoporter a call today.  Trust me, it’s much better than herding cats.

When do you find that you need a babysitter the most?

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Erin Cornell
Erin was Okie born, but was East coast bred from ages 5-18. She returned to Oklahoma City for college at Oklahoma Christian where she and her husband met through friends and were married. Taking her love of connecting people and places to the blogging world, she co-founded Oklahoma City Moms Blog in 2013. She loves being a mom with all of her heart to her daughter and son - who battled and won a fight against Lymphoma in 2016. It changed her outlook on love and life and is so grateful for each and every new day.


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