The Perfect Getaway to River’s Edge Cottages {Sponsored}

Imagine a getaway so peaceful and quiet. A place that has upscale amenities but still in the midst of surrounding nature. A walk to a river with steady flowing crystal clear water that is right outside your doorstep. An early morning, midafternoon or late evening option of relaxation in a personal hot tub just for yourself and your significant other. Imagine a getaway where you set aside technology for a weekend to focus on your relationship. A place where if you love the outdoors then hiking, biking and canoeing will make your heart pitter patter. A place if you want to just lounge around indoors then a big bed, Jacuzzi tub and a wood burning fire place will make your heart just melt. NOW imagine that this place is not located far from home but is easily accessible by car and provides a scenic route.

Located in Watson, OK (just about four hours west of Oklahoma City) is the most amazing selection of cottage options there is to find – River’s Edge Cottages.

DSC_0627-700x450Arriving at River’s Edge, we were greeted by extremely hospitable grounds keepers who quickly gave us our cottage room key, and went over all the details that my husband and I could do over our three day stay.

As part of each guest’s stay at their cottage of choice (there are 12 to choose from) bikes are parked right outside the cottage ready to help you explore the grounds or any of six trails the property has to offer. If after the bike ride your legs are fatigued and feel like your arms need some attention, then feel free to use the canoes that are available for each cottage to take a stroll down the Mountain Fork River.

Beautiful entry into the Chesapeake Cottage

During our stay we had the pleasure of staying at the Chesapeake Cottage. Pulling up to the Chesapeake our jaws just dropped. It is an absolutely picture perfect cabin that you would find in a home and garden magazine. Attention to detail for this cabin was phenomenal.  We spent our first day just taking it all in.

We quickly unpacked our stuff as well as our food – which we stopped at a grocery store prior to our arrival. We hurried outside to take in the beautiful weather that Watson, Oklahoma had to offer that day. We took a private path from the cabin down to the river. The river was so amazing and clear. I had no clue that Oklahoma waters could look so fresh and clean. Walking the river we were able to spend quality time chatting as well as just embracing nature with one another in silence.

After arriving back to our cabin it was time for dinner so my husband turned on the outdoor grill and put seasoned steak on as I prepared the vegetables on the stove inside. I was so pleased to discover that the cabin’s kitchen came fully equipped with every type of dish, serving ware or utensil that could ever be needed.  Now, I have to admit, I am not a good cook at all but that was the best meal we had ever had together {I am going to attribute it to the cabin’s ambiance and the fact it was a kid free meal}.

DSC_0615-700x450Shortly after dinner we poured ourselves a glass of wine and went directly out the cabin’s door to an outdoor hot tub that overlooked the river. It was dark out at this time but wine, music and nature sounds made this experience very relaxing. We had to tell ourselves that the hot tub would be here for our enjoyment for the next couple of days so it would be okay if we got out. Drying off was an ease because the cottage provided plush robes to wrap up quickly after exiting the hot tub.

DSC_0636-700x450I don’t know about you but after dinner, wine and relaxing the first thing on my mind is dessert. My husband apparently knew that this issue might arise because while grocery shopping he had bought graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows which equates to the best dessert option, s’more(s). I wanted the real experience of roasting my marshmallow by a fireside. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one with this desire because the cottage not only provided an outdoor fire pit with chairs but it also provided all the essentials needed to start a fire quickly. We got in our comfy clothes, and sat around the fire to create the most perfect dessert. I lost count of how many s’mores we had that weekend but we arrived with a full box of graham crackers and left with an empty box – you do the math.

The bed - where we were finally able to enjoy a deep rest
The bed – where we were finally able to enjoy a deep rest

My husband and I love to unwind together before bed by watching TV shows and movies via Netflix. We brought our Ipad not knowing if the cottage would have WiFi or not – we were in luck, they did! We curled up in bed, put the Ipad on my side, and watched many episodes of one of our favorite shows and fell asleep in relaxation.

The next morning we woke up around 7:30am {that’s what having kids does to you – disables your internal sleep in clocks}. I made breakfast, again one of the best breakfasts I have ever made. We ate next to one of the many picture windows that the cottage offers. Following breakfast came an early morning hot tub dip. This time we were able to see down to the river and out into the woods.

Private hot tub for two with a river's view
Private hot tub for two with a river’s view

Several minutes went by and my husband said with excitement “Look, look – it is a family of otters swimming below!” Now, can this get any more amazing? Early morning breakfast, hot tub dip AND otters swimming below us? No, I don’t think so. Drying off with our plush robes again we went back inside to take a morning nap – which we never get to do anymore – again, thanks to what we call “parent status”.

The couple days that we stayed in the cottage seemed to mimic one another. We ate, hot tubbed, cuddled, sat in front of the fireplace, biked, hiked, napped, enjoyed the outdoor fire pit and took nice long baths. I would have to say that our favorite part though was being able to get away to a location that felt secluded to just myself and my husband where we could set aside all our worries and stresses that life brings to just refocus back on what is truly important, our marriage.

RiversEdgeI highly recommend that you make your relationship a priority enough to schedule once or twice a year for you and your significant other to just “get-away” from all that craziness of everyday life. River’s Edge Cottages provides a place of relaxation and opportunity to refocus on your relationship. There is not a moment you will spend in one of the cottages that you will feel bored because there are so many options to choose on how you would desire to spend with your partner. *This is also a great family location, too!*


You are in LUCK! You have the option to enter a {Two Night Stay from River’s Edge Cottages} – certain restrictions may apply 

Let us know how your wonderful stay goes at River’s Edge!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Rivers Edge.  Jenna was complimented a weekend stay for her blog post.  However, all opinions are 100% her own and we stand by Rivers Edge Cottages in all that we endorse.

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  1. What a great giveaway! My husband is a avid fly fisherman and even guides trips occasionally down in the Broken Bow area. We would LOVE to win a weekend away together!

  2. I need a getaway because I have a 7month old baby and we would love to spend some time out in nature enjoying it with our sweet little!!! Not quite ready for camping but this would be perfect!

  3. I’ve been wanting to visit this area for a long time! My husband loves the outdoors and this would be a great place to reconnect and have some kid-free time together!

  4. I have been looking into cabins for 2 weeks and these are by far my favorite. I havent had a weekend away in 12years. Cant wait to book a stay but winning would be awesome too!

  5. Wow! We love Rivers Edge! Our last visit was before kids 7 yrs ago! We would love to visit again someday and have wonderful memories.

  6. I need a getaway because after burying my grandmother on our wedding day, no honeymoon, 2 kids and almost twenty years of marriage to a teacher/coach…..we have never had one. I would be beyond grateful for this.

  7. Due with our first little one any day now, the idea of a calm quiet retreat away with the hubs makes my heart swell and think that I can survive the first crazy months of motherhood.

  8. My husband and I could really use a weekend away. Times are stressful right now as we’re an oilfield family and he will be laid off soon. We love the outdoors so something like this would be amazing for us. Hope I can win for us!

  9. I have been yearning for some solitude in nature for quite some time. Nothing sounds more appealing to me than morning runs through the woods, playing in a river or stream, soaking up the quiet while reading a good book, and some serious romance with my man.

  10. This place looks amazing! I can’t believe it is here in Oklahoma. I am a mother of 3 teenagers and desperately need a place of solitude :). Thanks for showing this to us!

  11. WOW, what an amazing and thoughtful getaway. Lord knows this will benefit our marriage! With a 3 month and a 2 year life can get busy, expensive and stressful. But with everything going around us; thankfully we balance each other out which is very important. I hope whoever wins this enjoy themselves with their significant other. Good luck Everyone!

    Jessica Elmore


  12. This looks amazing! My husband just finished his masters degree! It’s the first time since my daughter was born that he isn’t be in school! We would LOVE a getaway!!

  13. In the span of about two years, my husband and I moved out-of-state, I started a new job, got pregnant with our first child; left the job, (to stay at home with my son) we built a home and moved into the home. Throughout the time I was pregnant, we lived in a 600 sq. ft. apartment. We also missed out on trips and a lot of time away together, (even to visit family) in order to save money. Our son is 16 months-old now, and we’ve only had a few nights away, alone. THIS is why we need a getaway; so… please pick me!!

  14. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in June. We haven’t spent a night away from our girls in over 2 years! This would be more than a blessing for us!


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