The 6 Best Parenting Accounts to Follow

Let’s just kick things off with the facts: It’s SO EASY to scroll social media.

And even though there are obviously many bad things to come from social media, there is also a lot of good. For example, I have learned so much about parenting from social media.

If you are like me and you struggle to read parenting books (or books in general) or to stick to any kind of long-form media about parenting–social media is a great interim. It’s great to have some parenting tips show up in your feed when you’re taking a short TikTok break (or a long one).

Here are 6 social media accounts that I’ve found over the last few years that deliver consistently amazing, real, and effective parenting tips and concepts: 

1. Mr. Chazz

Mr. Chazz might be my all-time favorite parenting account on any social media platform! I found him on TikTok, and he does an amazing job presenting really important and life-changing parenting concepts in one-minute videos.

He also has multiple great free tools, like this self-regulation song that you can teach your kids: 


Try this #selfregulation song with your #preschooler and #duet it. #preschoolathome #preschoolparent #preschoolersoftiktok

♬ Breathe Self Regulation Song – Chazz Lewis

Mr. Chazz’s Social Media Platforms:

2. Ann Kaplan

Ann Kaplan was my own personal parent coach. If your first thought is what in the junk is that? — so did I. You can read about my experience in The Day I Hired a Parenting Coach. She teaches a lot of concepts from Love and Logic, and she singlehandedly changed my view of parenting and my family permanently.

You can see her content and communicate with her in the “Real Life Momming” Facebook group, and she also sends out email newsletters that are incredibly valuable. You sign up for those and her guide to get kids to listen the first time.

Ann’s Social Media Platforms:

3. Simply On Purpose

Simply On Purpose is all about positive parenting. As with many of the accounts on this list, her videos give very practical ways to communicate and connect with your children. Practical ways, not easy ways. If you’re on Instagram, this is absolutely one of the best accounts to follow.

Simply On Purpose’s Social Media Platforms:

4. We Start Now

We Start Now is an organization made specifically to help parents deal with kids and technology. I had the privilege to attend a session led by the founder of Start, and it was one of the most valuable sessions/workshops I’ve ever heard.

One of the many things I appreciate about We Start Now is that they are very clear about the fact that technology and screen time are both important and inevitable in our culture. Technology is not all bad, and we shouldn’t act that way. However, we are the first generation to have to teach our kids how to have a healthy relationship with it — while many of us struggle to balance it ourselves.

They have a variety of free and paid resources on their website, including a Smartphone Toolkit, Video Game Decision Tree, and a Group Study.

We Start Now’s Social Media Platforms:

5. Foster Parenting 

If you’re a foster parent, Laura at Foster Parent Partner should be one of your first follows. All of her content is designed to help foster parents “get through the hurdles and feel supported.”

If you aren’t a foster parent but want to support others, her website also has ways to do that, too.


Lying is a common trauma response. #fostercare #fosterparent #lying #parentingtip #trauma

♬ Folk Acoustic – Mapa

Foster Parenting’s Social Media Platforms:

6. Parenting with Dr. Siggie 

Dr. Siggie is a child and family therapist who’s pretty active on a few platforms and offers courses and resources for parents. Her main focus is helping you nurture your connection with your kids, no matter what age they are. 

Dr. Siggie’s Social Media Platforms:

Who else do you love following online? Let me know your favorite parenting accounts in the comments!

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