Snow Days: Why I Dread Them

SnowDaysAww, the joy of a snow day. Every year when there’s the slightest chance of snow Facebook lights up with my friends posting their excitement about the possibility of a SNOW DAY!!!! A chance to stay in their pjs all day, watch Frozen, make snow ice cream, build a snowman, and on and on.

Sounds like fun, it really does. There’s just one problem with snow days – I work and I can’t take off. My job doesn’t stop or even slow down for snow. A snow day for me is the complete opposite of relaxing. I spend the day either riding around (with a co-worker driving) in the white stuff or standing out in it, bundled up. While I absolutely love my job, days full of snow are stressful.

I have actually grown to hate snow. In fact, call me a scrooge, but I could probably go the rest of my life without seeing snow and be completely okay.

Let me run you through our last snow day. Last Monday we were supposed to have school in our district, but snow happened and school was canceled. So, I took my kiddo to daycare only to find out they were also closed (President’s Day was actually why. At least I found out early, rather than after my kiddo sat waiting for a ride that would have never shown up at school – Mom of the Year, I know). Walking away from daycare in a daze I buckled my kiddo in and pulled my car ahead just enough so that the day care lady wouldn’t see me as I started to cry. While I knew my in-laws would be more than willing to let him hang out with them for the day, I felt completely inept as a parent. I called my husband and then my in-laws. Then as I was trying to pull myself together my son pulled out his best, “Mom, you’re the best mom in the whole world.” To which I said, “Thanks bud. I don’t feel so great right now though, in fact, I feel pretty crummy because I didn’t know daycare was closed.” He said something else sweet and we then made our 30+ minute drive along the not-at-all plowed snow route to my in-laws’ house.

I did eventually make it to work, an hour late. It was a white-knuckle drive full of prayers that were definitely answered.

I’ve learned there is an important factor to being a working parent and handling snow days. Always have a back-up plan. I know my in-laws are willing and we have a friend who lives nearby who has also said my son can come to their house. At previous daycares we have had the same problem, finding them closed with the smallest amount of snow. I’ve learned to always ask how they handle snow days ahead of time. That back-up plan is the key to fewer tears (granted there are always tears). Another helpful tip, always pack extra clothes. There was one storm where my son went to my in-laws and it was the end of the next day before we could even safely get back out there to pick him up. Talk about mom guilt!

So, next time there’s a snow day, I really do hope you have fun. But, while you are enjoying the excitement and building a snowman with your kiddos don’t forget those of us who don’t get that day. Maybe offer to help a working mom out and be her back-up plan. We always appreciate the extra help and knowing our kids are in safe hands.

Do you dread snow days? How do you handle last minute changes?


Chellie - 200Chellie Mills was born and raised in Oklahoma. She and her husband, Nate, have been married for 10 years. They have one 5 year old son and two dogs. Chellie and her husband met at Oklahoma State University and they now call Midwest City home. Chellie is a wife, a mom, a Christian, and an Emmy award winning reporter. She enjoys spending time with her family, baking, the occasional knitting project and learning to make quilts. She and her husband also are slightly addicted to DIY remodeling projects.

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