Self-Care Before Summer: Get A Pampered Moms Special!

This post is sponsored by The Aesthetics Place Medical Spa, with our gratitude for an amazing experience!

Pampered MomsSpring is generally the time that I come out of winter hibernation and start considering the fact that I’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors soon…with other humans. But this is no ordinary spring, y’all. This spring, not only is the weather warming, but also…I’ve been living the pandemic life, like everyone else. Which means that I’ve been living indoors in yoga pants and oversized t-shirts for oh….13 months now. Mirrors? Who needs those? Showers? Optional most days.

It was past time for a change. The sun is out, I’ve been vaccinated, and it’s time for me to, you know, make the plans and do the things. So when I was invited to The Aesthetics Place (TAP) Medical Spa for a hydrafacial, that was NOT a tough sell. From the minute I walked in, I felt at ease. Spa rooms and equipment are sanitized after each visit, AND the spa only schedules one appointment at a time, so you are the only person in the building! 

Staff members did an amazing job explaining their services and procedures, and were so warm and personable. Their list of services is like a Cheesecake Factory menu-long and slightly overwhelming if you don’t already know what you want. Let me make it easy for you: ask for the Pampered Moms special. I’ve already asked my spouse for another one for Mother’s Day.

For the Pampered Moms special, you will first sit down with TAP’s certified esthetician, Emily Dustmann, for an in-depth scan of your skin. The elite scanning machine uses 3 different lights to take detailed images of your face – both the top layer of skin and the layers underneath. The scans analyze several different things, from pore size to sun damage to tiny wrinkles. This allows Emily to customize any spa services to your unique skin needs!

Friends, Emily was amazingly gentle breaking the bad news that my skin is…um…subpar. I’m apparently aging more rapidly than most women, which was not *exactly* what I wanted to hear. In all fairness, I was a teenager who didn’t want to wear sunscreen and DID want to use tanning beds in the winter, but I’d rather not suffer the consequences of those actions.

The Aesthetics Place
Emily showing a sample Optic Elite Skin Analyzer to show what can be under the skin’s surface!

After your skin scan (which hopefully yields less upsetting results than mine), Emily will take you to a spa room for a HydraFacial. Here’s a helpful infographic of what the Pampered Moms Special will look like:

Pampered Moms Special

The first step is a cleansing and exfoliation, followed by extractions (they’re painless!). Let’s be honest: extractions get A LOT of icky stuff out of your pores, and yes, you can ask to see it when you’re done. While Emily is extracting the bad stuff from your skin, she also puts in the good stuff – intense moisturizers to heal any dryness. Finally, she covers your skin with antioxidants and peptides to “maximize your glow”. I legitimately glowed after my HydraFacial. You could have seen my face in a dark room.

Emily prepping for my HydraFacial. Look how fluffy this rolled up blanket is!

Whatever your self-care needs, this Med Spa has it. From permanent makeup to facials to botox to skin care products, you will find it here! Emily and Tanja will be able to tell you exactly what you need and help you get there. I’m the perfect example of what not to do to your skin – take care of your skin NOW so you won’t be cursing your teenage years as you’re approaching forty.

Call Tanja & Emily at 405-256-6060 or visit their website at and ask for the Pampered Moms Special today!

From left to right: Tanja and Emily. These mamas know just how important it is to take care of yourself when you have kiddos!
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