Pickiest. Toddler. Ever

My 20-month-old acts like she’s (not quite) 2 going on 12. Don’t get me wrong, she is a super sweet cuddler (when she wants to be) and can melt your heart with her great big hugs (before she hits you), but she has some pretty big opinions. And she’s not afraid to share them.

The first thing out of her mouth in the morning is “hi,” which is quickly followed by “nana.” (Or better known to most as a banana.)

This was our routine. We had a nice rhythm.

Until one day, she decided that she didn’t like bananas anymore. Of course, it was the day after I had bought the biggest bunch from the store. I mentally go through our kitchen and give her several ideas on what to eat, only for her to tell me “no” as she simultaneously cries for me to feed her breakfast. Our lunch, snacks, and dinner are often identical in manner. Lots of crying. Lots of yelling no. And then a bunch of food thrown onto the floor.

picky toddler
Filling up on mac-n-cheese. Again.

She exhausts me.

I offer her a wide variety of foods each week. All kinds of fruits, veggies, and meats. Most make her give me a look of disgust and get completely wasted. And I hate that feeling of tossing food into the trash because it’s been thrown all over our kitchen floor. Oh, she does eat some food. I can guarantee that she will gladly devour any type of carb I hand her. And dairy. She LOVES carbs and dairy. Just imagine how happy she is when I combine the two!

Each and every week I worry. Is she getting the vitamins and minerals that she needs to grow up healthy? Has she had enough protein today? Does she get any nutritional value from the carrot that she chewed up for 10 seconds before spitting it out?

Then I remember that she’s my third kid and my others went through picky stages too. I’m not sure they were ever this picky, but they outgrew some of this toddler behavior and now eat most things that I feed them. In fact, my 7-year-old loves brussels sprouts and won’t eat mac-n-cheese without peas mixed in!

So, hang in there mommas. I feel you. This picky toddler stage is exactly that. A stage. They’ll outgrow it (hopefully) and until then….. take a deep breath and keep a stash of chocolates hidden! (For you to enjoy during nap time, of course.)

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Maria is a Kansas native who fell in love with an Oklahoma boy and is here to stay – but she is okay with that! She calls Stillwater home and has three spunky but totally sweet girls who keep her unbelievably busy. Maria has a background in event planning and gets fulfillment out of hosting friends in their home. She also loves all things organization.


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