Mamas – Take That Girls’ Trip

I just got back from the most wonderful weekend trip with nine of my best girlfriends. 

It did not disappoint.

After the past year to say my mom battery was depleted is a drastic understatement. 

I needed to not hear “Mommy” 8,647 times a day.
I needed to not be asked to wipe little derrieres.
I needed to have an adult conversation and not be interrupted 20 times.
I needed to not be touched every 15 seconds.
I needed to have a nice dinner and not entertain my kids till the food arrived.
I needed to go to bed when I felt like it, not when my kids were asleep and the dishes are done.  

I think you get the point.

And please don’t think I don’t think my kids are the absolute most precious souls or the reason I breathe. They are. Period. They are.

From one mom to another, you get it. We need a break occasionally.

Sitting here today just a little over 24 hours since I walked back in my front door, I can without a doubt say my battery is overflowing.

We got a motel room – yes – a MOTEL room. A 2-story motel room with a heated pool! King size suite upstairs, decent kitchenette, and 2 bathrooms, one with a sunken tub.

We put light-up balls in the pool, LED strip lights around the pool, turned on the Bluetooth speaker and cranked up The Pussycat Dolls on Pandora, and made the best memories.

We had tons of snacks that we did not share with little people.  A chocolate fountain we dipped fruit and potato chips in.

We made fun drinks.

We all made goody bags for each other with jewelry, cups, wine glasses, light-up rings, chocolates, and other extraordinary trinkets.

We had wonderful meals at nice restaurants and we crashed at 10:30 both nights.

The first night I was awake most of the night because I just was not tired. I realized the next morning that the exhaustion I experience most of the time is 90% mental exhaustion. I felt so rejuvenated even with little sleep.

I never once had to take anyone to the restroom during dinner.

We swam and snacked. We played games.

We shared stories and even some tears.

We bonded and made new friends and deepened the relationships between already friends. 

We shared dreams, advice and so many new inside jokes. 

I cannot urge you enough to get some fun girlfriends together, even better if they all don’t know each other, pack a bag and get out of town for a night or two.

You don’t even have to go out of town, just get a room downtown.

Go eat at a fun restaurant. Play a fun game. Get to know each other on a different level. I learned some new fun facts about a girlfriend I have known for several years!!

Recharge that mama battery! 

I can honestly say today I feel more like the mom I was before I was quarantined with my precious, oh so sweet, little angels – that occasionally drive me insane.

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I like to color outside the box. House keeping is not my spiritual gift, but I love to make food for my friends in times of trouble, or just because! I love Jesus a lot and am constantly working on my mouth. My filter is extra small. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to my wonderful husband. My two grandsons are “Sugars” buddies. Bug, dirt, chaos and all. I probably love my dog more than most people. If you need a reason to smile, I will give you two! And if you hang around me any time at all, I’ll make you laugh, probably at my own expense. I’m a glass overflowing person 95% of the time, but I struggle with depression, which comes with being a former drug addict. I celebrated 12 years clean in December. I love to write, cook, laugh and craft!


    • Here is what the author had to say: “It is the Quality Inn in Ada. It’s not a 4 star room but it’s perfect for a family or girls trip. Super affordable. Pool. Lots of room.
      Do it mama! You deserve it”


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