Mama’s Makeup Routine

It’s no secret that being a mom takes a lot of time and energy, and many times it means simplifying what we do in the morning to look put together. From wiping off the previous days makeup to reapply more, to juggling mascara and foundation on the way to work, or simply applying it in 10 minutes or less, we all have found our sweet spot to what we do to get ready.

I was curious at what other’s routines were on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog contributor team, and a few agreed to share what they do. Follow along as we dive into these mama’s morning routines.

I really like to keep it simple. I am not a fan of waking up early to do anything, so I have always needed to get ready quick. I wash my face in the shower each morning (yes, I shower each and every day. I can not go without a morning shower!) with the Equate Oil-Free Daily Face Wash to start. Then I quickly dab on multiple spots of Cover Girl foundation and rub it all over to cover. On top of that, I use Cover Girl’s Clean Matte powder. If I remember, I apply eye shadow and blush, but if I don’t, I skip to eyeliner. I have tried so many – and I’m terrible at applying it – until I found Elf’s eyeliner. It’s true love. Lastly, I put on mascara. 

For my lips, I am a chapstick addict, so I usually pop that on and forget to put color on my lips! I’ll openly admit that when choosing my makeup products, I look for the cheapest on the aisle! 

My make up routine in one word: SIMPLE.  I use a few dabs of eye cream (yes, just a few, that stuff costs a small fortune), some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a little concealer to hide my teething-baby induced dark circles.Not pictured above? Blush. I usually use it but my three year old kleptomaniac has wandered off with it, never to be seen again, and I keep forgetting to grab more when I’m at Target. I’m a night time shower-er and I wash my face with Kiehl’s cleanser (watch for it to go on sale!) and then I just do a quick splash with warm water in the mornings. 

Because of the aforementioned klepto living in my house, I also do my make up in the car once I get to work each day. In the car – the whole routine takes maybe 5 minutes. At home? It takes infinity minutes and I’m usually having to beg, borrow & steal to get my cosmetics out of my daughter’s hot little hands! So far she hasn’t figured out that all of “her” make up has taken up residence in the front seat of momma’s car – and I hope to keep it that way! 

I have always loved makeup! As a child I could spend hours playing with the heavily scented brightly colored eye shadows for kids, and even as an adult I get a thrill looking through new makeup displays at the drugstore.  If I am leaving the house I almost always have makeup on. I typically use primer, foundation, concealer, contour, highlighter, eye shadow, mascara, and brow gel. While this sounds like a lot as I type it out, I can easily do my makeup in under 15 minutes.

I typically throw my makeup on at the kitchen table while my kids eat their breakfast.  This is my makeup routine because I love makeup, and over time I’ve found what techniques works best for my face shape, and what brands don’t irritate my sensitive eyes. My best kept secret is using Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as primer.  This keeps my makeup on all day long and works better than other high-end primers that I have used! Another great product is Reserve Your Cabana by Wet N Wild which is a perfect subtle highlight for under four bucks! The rest of my makeup is a mixture of higher end brands like Urban Decay and more inexpensive brands that can be found at the drugstore.  

I usually wake up and add moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. The one I use is Shea Moisture for Sensitive Skin. I just starting doing that because my mom keeps telling me I will get wrinkles soon and also because my skin has changed from oily to dry. When I remember, I use the Cover Girl Tru Blend Minerals. I just starting using that as well. Next, I do my eye makeup and I love ELF cosmetics because they are affordable!! I also use an eyeliner from ELF as well. Finally, I use lipstick that my awesome friend Britnie got for me. It’s a Maybelline matte. Love it!
I like this routine because it’s just simple. Most days I’m running late or my kids are ready to go. There are days that I just wash my face and leave the house. Because ain’t nobody has time for contouring in this house!

After washing my face with Neutrogena Grapefruit Extract wash (and applying Oil of Olay basic moisturizer if needed), I start with foundation. I dab spots all over my face and blend with a wedge sponge, applying more (as needed) for coverage. After foundation comes powder, to set for the day. Sometimes I reapply throughout the day, but I’ve found the Revlon line to be super long lasting, with flawless coverage. Next, blush on the apples of my cheeks and up cheek bones (my mom always taught me to do a “checkmark” from your apples up to your ears).
For everyday wear, I apply a cream colored eyeshadow and dark brown eyeliner, followed up by curling my lashes and applying a coat of mascara to top and bottoms. I then apply highlighter to my cheekbones, top of nose, middle of chin and in a tiny triangle above my middle-brow line. Lastly, I wipe off powder residue from my eyebrows and lips and apply eyebrow mascara and good ole Carmex! I tend to apply lipstick later in the day, but if not, eh. This may sound like a lot, but it takes me less than 10 minutes. The most time consuming is making sure my foundation is blended!
Being a mom/teacher who seems to never stop from sun up to sun down, I need a “face” that will last me all day. I also have always looovveed to hit the snooze button a few too many times, so I’ve adapted to a quick routine that is generally pretty natural looking. I am obsessive about washing my face in the morning and the evening, as I’m 31 and STILL have problem skin. If I don’t have my makeup finished by the time my littles wake up, this is a look I can complete while they’re eating breakfast!

My daily routine begins with my 5 year-old coming in my room to let me know it is awake time. We get up, make breakfast, then do our am chores. I usually jump in the shower around 10, and wash my hair, loofah, and then use coconut oil to shave & moisturize. My shower is usually 5-10 minutes, then jump out, dry off, get dressed, put on CC cream & chapstick, brush my hair, and I’m done.
My entire morning routine is roughly 20-25 minutes, which is a drastic difference to my before kiddos era. Then we head out for whatever we have planned for the day or start on what we have planned at home! Easy, breezy, lemon-squeezey. My beauty routine has evolved to this because why? Kids. Life. I’ve always been pretty minimalist so it’s just my way, my jam. Simple. 

The common theme? SIMPLE. Each mom picture above looks absolutely beautiful with or without makeup on, but it’s interesting to me to see what others do to get ready! Plus, some great recommendations for products that I’m going to need to try. 

So now that we’ve shared with you, what is your Mama Makeup Routine? 

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