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let'sallswim-logoDespite the cold weather we have been experiencing, Spring is quickly approaching and approximately 2 months away. This means more time around pools, lakes, and even oceans for many families. In order to prepare you and your children to be around the water, swimming lessons are a great way to build confidence and learn the skills needed to stay safe. Let’s All Swim is an Oklahoma City-based swim lesson company that works with children and adults alike to instill the life skill and love of swimming.

As their name suggests, Let’s All Swim offers a little bit for all ages to learn to swim and to love to swim. Their goal is to have good, quality instruction and have a good method that’s clear and consistent. This structure has helped them grow to four instructors and two locations since 2010. They are the only Infant Aquatics class in the state of Oklahoma, with classes offered at the Lighthouse Fitness Center by Lake Hefner, or on Chesapeake’s campus for employees and family. The mission of Let’s All Swim is to build a love for safe swimming for people of all ages and abilities.

www.letsallswim.com Pic 5Megan Bachman, the owner and certified Infant Aquatics instructor, is extremely passionate about children and teaching to the child. This means your child learns in a time frame and in a manner that is best for their individualized learning.  As both an educator and mother, I really appreciated when she explained that she wanted to teach children to swim with a gentle approach, but not so lax that the kids did not learn. Many of her students learn to swim before they’re even potty trained, and some before they can even walk or crawl. She and the three other instructors understand that especially for children, this is the hardest thing they have ever had to do and understand that they have to build trust with your child in order to effectively teach them to swim.

Beginner students have the opportunity to have 15 minute private lessons or be a part of 25 minute group lesson. Regardless of which class one chooses, or both, instructors are not only teaching swimming skills, but they are ensuring that both the confidence and skills are at the same level so that each student is a safe swimmer. They are instilling a love of swimming and life-long skill, as well as offering character building by teaching children to never give up.

www.letsallswim.com Pic 2In group lessons, there are 6-8 in a class and children are taught along-side their parents. Because having the appropriate tools is the key to learning, having parents in the pool enables learning and practice outside of lesson time. In this class, babies that are 3 months or crawling to 24 months are taught in a more relaxed environment. While the class is parent-taught and teacher-led, the instructor does spend individual time with each child at the wall. Group lessons are a great way for families to have an intro into more in-depth private classes.

Private lessons are taught on a 20 lesson program; in this time children are taught to hold their breath through full submersion, to lie comfortably, and to roll over from being face down. After learning to self-rescue (roll over to float from submerged position) students can then learn to “swim, float, swim”.

The love of swimming is something we can all appreciate, and staying safe make it that much more valuable of a skill. So whether your child is just learning to crawl or you are grandma that never learned to swim, Let’s All Swim is the place for you!

If you mention Oklahoma City Moms Blog when signing up for lessons, you will get the registration fee waived!

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