I’m an Indoor Mom

As an adult, I finally feel comfortable admitting there are things in this world that other people like (and even love) that I just don’t care for, or sometimes even hate.


Ranch dressing.

The Outdoors.

Yep, I said it. I’m hereby declaring: I’m not an outdoor mom. I’ll take my air-conditioned house over hikes, picnics, and gardening any day. What fuels my dislike for the outdoors you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Creatures and bugs.

I understand that the creepy crawlies play a part in nature and caring for the earth. But, they can live their lives and I can live mine. We don’t need to spend our leisure time together.


I don’t actually dislike grass. But it stirs up my allergies so bad that I break out in hives from standing on it. So you won’t find me relaxing on a grassy knoll anytime soon. Generally, you won’t even find me walking in the grass if I have to be completely honest.


It’s hot. It’s oppressive. It’s gross. It ruins my hair.

So no, I won’t be planting a garden. I won’t be planning a day trip to a local state park. There probably won’t be any picnics. I’m not going fruit picking. I might possibly be talked into attending an outdoor music performance or movie. No walking trails. Let’s not even talk about camping; it’s not happening. Sometimes I have a desire to like outdoor things, like when I see promos for outdoor movies. Then I think, I can watch that at home from the comfort of my couch. And, I move on.

What’s fun for you, may not be fun for me.

If you’re one to enjoy these things, that’s awesome. Just don’t ask me to join you. I will visit a playground, swimming pool, splash pad, the zoo, or take a walk on cement. I’m even up for the beach if it comes with an ocean. So where will you find me? The library. One of the many museums close to me. Getting ice cream. The movies. 

And please, don’t try to convince me; I’m reveling in my new found freedom to make this statement. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, it just means we may not see each other until winter. 

So this summer, I hope you enjoy the great outdoors, or the great indoors, whichever is fun for you.

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Jami is an administrator in Higher Education and loves working with college students. She is married to husband Derek, a professor of education and is a mom to Ava (4). Jami and her family moved to Oklahoma from their life-long home of Illinois 2 years ago. She is trying to balance motherhood with hers and her husband's careers as well as adjusting to their new life in Oklahoma. Jami enjoys travelling, reading self-help books, trying new restaurants, cupcakes, and spending time with her family.


  1. HaHa, Love this! I’m a mixed bag, myself! I was cleaning the sunroom today, since tomorrow is the kids last day of school and I was thinking, I really don’t want to be out here! I need to hurry up and go back inside! I’m such a dork! It wasn’t hot or cold or uncomfortable in any way, it was just dusty, dirty, and the birds were fussing! I think they wanted me back inside, too!


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