I Never Felt “Old” – But Then 2020 Happened

I’ve never been one to feel old when another birthday came around. When I would hear friends say they feel so old at 25, 28, 30, I didn’t share the sentiment. That is, not until 2020. 

It wasn’t that I hit a magic number. I think that everything finally hit me.

I have 3 young (and very active) kids, and I could end this post here because you probably already know what that means. But we’re also done with having kids, so that kind of closes the door on an age of life.

On the physical side, my joints are cracking and lines are forming on my face. I have one too many skin tags and keep getting those tiny red spots that come with age. I’m 20 lbs heavier than I was before having kids, and my muscle tone isn’t what it used to be. One day, I tried and failed at doing a simple cartwheel. In my mind, I’m still just a few years out from when I played basketball in high school. Y’all, I tried picking up running in January and after a week, my knee ached so much that I had to take a break from said exercise. 

I feel like technology has advanced so far out of my realm of understanding. I remember being on top of all the latest technology – using laptops, PowerPoint, Facebook, WinMX and Limewire, iPods, and burning CDs. Today’s technology overwhelms me. But hey, when completely automated driving becomes available, I’m gonna be there for it. 

My priority of interests begins with my family, church, cooking, career and finances. That’s so old and boring, right? I don’t remember the last time I went to a movie or a concert, or went shopping for clothes for myself. Shopping today consists of groceries and plants for the yard, and concerts include our family jams on Baby Einstein toys or baby bellies.

I should also mention that this past year, I’ve finally entered the world of daily flossing and mouthwash. I used to just brush twice a day and maybe floss/use mouthwash once a month. I’ve also returned to a habit of chewing minty gum. Yes, this makes me feel old.

I’m far behind the current lingo today. I have siblings that are 6, 8 and 10 years younger than me and sometimes I have to research words or phrases they use. I just learned what OG and GOAT mean. I can only imagine how far behind I’ll be by the time my own kids are in middle school. 

So this year, as I turn 35, I am feeling a bit old and out of touch with my younger self. 

If you have any tips to revert that feeling, I’d love to know them.

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Growing up in Devils Den State Park, Arkansas has certainly influenced my career choice. I'm an Extension Horticulture Educator for the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service via Oklahoma State University. I have 3 little children and a kind-hearted husband that stays at home with them while I work (more than) full time. We love quality time together, whether it be going to church, hanging out with cousins, checking our plants in the garden, or anything else. We love to travel and hope to bring our kids on our international adventures in the distant future.


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