Grandparents: A Mom’s BFF!

Grammy always has my back…and always seems to have a camera at the most inopportune times

When I found out I was expecting my first son, I could not WAIT to find the cutest, most Pinterest-y way to tell our parents. We told them all on the same day and as we did the laughing/hugging/crying/disbelief dance (he was our honeymoon baby), I felt as if all was right in the world. Just kidding, I immediately started freaking out.

Climbing on G-Pappy is a regular thing

My first issue was that I wanted them all to be “equal”…which is impossible. They can’t ALL hold the baby at the SAME TIME or babysit together. When I almost hyperventilated about who would hold him first, my wise Mama gave me advice that I still pass along to new mommy friends: nothing will ever be equal because SOMEONE has to do things first. Hold him first, change his diaper first, give him a bath first…you see where I’m going with this? No equality. Check.

The fear of someone getting upset over not being “equal” led me to immediately feel the need to establish control. They needed to know that WE were the parents and WE were in charge of our little cherub. Although we appreciated hated their advice, we would figure out how we wanted to do things and let them know.

Nan’a loves her babies


Pops and two of his best boy Grands:)

Want to know how I found resolution for both of those ridiculous anxieties? I birthed our sweet first baby, became a sleep deprived freak and threw it all out of the window…well, for the most part. I mean, after our second son was born I truly did give it a good toss because, hey, I was a #mombie at that point. Two babies in two years ain’t no joke, y’all. I’m surviving, taking it day by day. Want to know how? One. Magical. Word: Grandparents

Gramps and his Grandboys

Whether you’re blessed enough to have a good relationship with all grandparents involved, or maybe just one of them is the shining light on your darkest of days, here’s the truth mamas: WE. NEED. THEM. So since I’m horrible at remembering to simply say “thank you”, I’ve written a poem to                                                                 show our gratitude.

Thanks: Grammy, G-Pappy, Gramps, Nan’a and Pops. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

My Saving Grace

I'll never be able to forget
The way you held my hand,
Or how you humbly prayed over me
On days I could barely stand

When the bough broke
And the cradle finally did fall,
You picked me up softly
Depression, sanity, guilt and all

Motherhood has brought me down
It's caused me many tears,
But you've been there since we announced
And helped to ease my fears

I got a little jealous
When my babies took "my place",
But I've been your baby for long enough
You showed me there was plenty of space

You've offered advice on many things
Sometimes new...but mostly old,
And just like in my younger days
I've rarely done what I was told

You've loved all of your "grands"
Before they even had a breath,
You continue to love them equally
Enjoying each snuggle on your chest

You take them when we need a break
Or just when you want to spoil,
You've always backed my parenting
Even when you're vinegar and I'm oil

I never remember to thank you
for all that you continuously do,
Just know that even when I forget
We always, ALWAYS love you
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Loralei is a busy boy mom to Everett and Roman, and fabulous wife to Justin. Raised in Edmond, she became a Norman transplant after marriage and hasn't found many differences...other than the craziness that is an OU game day. A high school English teacher by day, she enjoys spending time with both sides of her hilarious (and extremely loud) family, reading, writing, cooking and shopping for down time. She thinks that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel SOMEDAY with diapers and bottles, but until then, she tries to soak up every sweet, snuggly, fit throwing, negotiating-with-a-toddler moment...and thoroughly enjoys every second of it.



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