Go Team! Do the Thing! Score the Points!

Hi. My name is Lauren, and I am married to a coach.

Specifically football and slow-pitch softball. Two sports that I know very little about. Well…technically I know very little about most sports. I’m not exactly what you would call athletic. Or coordinated. Or competitive. Three things I feel are pretty necessary for the whole sports thing. 

I’m the coach’s wife that knows the very basic things. Like offense and defense. I know touchdowns and home runs. I could probably point out the quarterback. I even know about shortstops. But, please, don’t ask me for any more than that. Mostly, I take my cues from my fellow coaches’ wives or the crowd. 

I’ll admit it. I’m clueless. 

But I still show up to the games that I can. Because I love to watch my husband do his thing. I love the passion he has for the game. How he cares about each one of his players is beautiful. Plus…who doesn’t love concession stand nachos?

But now there is something else in the mix…

Our daughter

She referred to football games as “go-go games” for so long because that is what she heard from the fans. She heard the crowd yelling, ” Go! Go! Go!” She adores every single player on the team and even has a favorite. She loves Friday nights, her team shirts, and playing with her little friends on the field after the game. 

She is also athletic. And coordinated. And ridiculously competitive.

So I have a feeling that there are more sports in my future. I will try to learn. Hopefully, I can at least master the basics.

If nothing else, I’ll show up to support the ones that I love. 

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Originally from West Texas, Lauren moved to Oklahoma in 2007 on a whim and has been here ever since. Lauren loves doing life with her husband (also known as The Boy), their two goofy dogs, and little girl, Z. Professionally, she is a licensed clinical social worker. The rest of the time...Lauren is a coach's wife, an avid reader, a classic introvert, and a first-time mom. The journey to parenthood did not go anywhere close to the plan, but looking back, she would not change a thing. Currently, Lauren is adapting to mom life via parenting memes, text messages with her best friends, and praying that she doesn't screw up. She spends her time traveling throughout Oklahoma to watch various sporting events, taking spontaneous road trips (the fewer plans...the better), spending nights reading on the back porch, and enjoying good food with friends.


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