Things I’ll Do Differently for My Next Birth

The tiny squish in this picture just turned one, and I know you know what I mean when I say my hormones are playing games with me. They’re playing the “you want another one, don’t you, mama?” game. While I am totally not ready for another child, I have given lots of thought over the past year to what I’ll do differently if I am blessed with the opportunity to give birth again.

I will…

1. Complete a prenatal core strength program. 

I stayed active all through my pregnancy, so I thought I was doing enough. It wasn’t until after – when I was frustrated with the shape and weakness of my postpartum body – that I realized there was more I could have done during my prenatal exercise to keep my back and core strong!

2. Consider a home birth.

I am envious (in a good way) of home birth stories. The intimate and beautiful peace of having your baby right there at home is an irreplaceable memory. I could have never completed this with my first. I was so thankful for those nurses in the hospital and would not have made it through without their guidance.

3. Encapsulate my placenta.

I knew about this option but, I’ll admit it, it just sounded weird. However, I struggled with postpartum anxiety, so if there is something that could potentially avoid that from occurring again, I would definitely do it!

4. Make an appointment with a pediatric dentist right away!

The first five weeks of breastfeeding were downright awful for me due to a severe tongue and lip tie. I would have this checked/corrected right away to try to avoid that pain.

5. Wait to find out gender.

I normally *hate* surprises, but I think there would be something so special about experiencing that moment as a family!

6. Be more present – and take more pictures!

I wish I could recall the details of my son’s birth day more clearly. To remember the way it felt to have my baby lay on my chest in the moments after birth. I still become envious when I see other mamas totally in the moment with their new baby. This is the biggest change I would make. I would visit with my trusted therapist before birth to get my mindset right and ask my sweet chiropractor to adjust me as soon as I know I’m in labor – to keep me out of fight-or-flight mode. I would try to capture more moments shortly after birth – not so much for my child but for myself. We got one really good picture of the three of us as a brand new family – ONE. I want like a hundred next time!!

What would you change for your next birth?

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Jenna became Mama Myrick in January 2017 and is learning to embrace every up and down of mom life. Before mom life, Jenna was using her MS in Organizational Leadership and Professional Human Resources certification to develop corporate learning & development programs. Jenna lives tiny and loves big with her husband, son, and three dogs in Edmond, OK. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and iced decaf americanos. A semi-crunchy minimalist, she is on a mission to live a meaningful life, raise a loving family and make the world a better place. You can follow her adventures at


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