Favorite OKC Places {The Myriad Botanical Gardens}

Sounds cliche to do a blog post about Oklahoma City for an Oklahoma City Mom’s Blog, but I really do love this city!  Born and raised here, I have been given the wonderful gift of seeing the city bloom. As a child growing up, I recall it being quite boring and could quote myself more than two hands could count how much I wanted to move away.

It wasn’t until my son, Noah, was born that I realized  how much Oklahoma City has to offer.  It is a wonderful place for families to explore and create memories. One of my obsessions is to find little to no cost local events and activities.  Seriously, let’s get real, who does not love a free event? Nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Oklahoma City is the best place to live if you are a mom needing to get out of the house for an outlet to release your child’s energy. One of my favorite places to go is the Oklahoma Myriad Botanical Gardens.

This is one of the prettiest places located in downtown Oklahoma City which offers a place for children to play, an impromptu lunch date surrounded by beautiful scenery, and wonderful yearly activities. The park is free, and is such a great tool for kids to use their imaginations.  I would compare it to the land of Dr. Seuss, if there was one.

Everytime we take a day trip to the park,  Noah’s first go to spot is a huge hill that I am always terrified he will somehow get hurt on.  He loves it though!  He climbs up, slides down, climbs back up again, runs around on top, slides back down again…and this could go on for hours, if I were to let it.

Another one of his favorites, are the mini turn tables for kids (you can also find some brave adults challenging their stomachs on these whirl winds, but not me).  He always wants me to push him “faster mommy, faster”, but then after five seconds realizes that it is too much for his stomach too.  It is hilarious to watch your toddler get off the turn table, after spinning around a couple of times, and try to walk straight.

myraid gardens

Right outside the children’s area is a wonderful water stage that is a perfect option for a typical hot Oklahoma day. It mimics a thunderstorm with lights, sounds, and streams of water that fall down at various times.

My favorite thing about this spot is that it has abundant bench seating and chairs that provide great views to where your child is at all times.  He loves the water that comes up from the ground.  I will watch him crack himself up trying to keep it in the ground with his feet, but consequently ends up spraying him in the face. If he has friends to play with they will play tag, and use the blue walls as a home base or even a hiding spot. Every time we have been to the water stage it has never been too crowded, which makes it feel very private and special to us.

myraid gardens water stage

Year round the kids park hosts several themed activities that usually tend to coincide with the seasons and holidays. Noah’s absolute favorite part is the arts and craft area that is offered during this time.  It can be a let down though when we come back to the park on a day that the themed event is not taking  place because he expects the arts and crafts to still be there.

He loves to see all the fun and exciting decorations.  I love it too! It makes me fall in love with my city all over again knowing that we have such creative people who live here.

gnome pumpkin3

A clever and unique option that the Myriad Botanical Gardens offers is a yearly membership to individuals and families.  The membership is a one time cost for families to enjoy exclusive events, discounts, educational activities, and continuous year round entrance in the beautiful Crystal Bridge Conservatory.I recently have purchased a membership and believe it to be the best option to enjoy the Myriad Botanical Gardens.  I can attend the themed events (and even bring guests with me) as much as I would like.  Story time at the Crystal Bridge Conservatory offered once every week is always free, and not too mention the discounts that make my couponing spirit jump for joy!  This has been one of the best purchases that my family has made.
crystal bridgeMy suggestion, check out this amazing garden in downtown Oklahoma City and become best friends! Also, browse through our Around OKC page for more fun ideas! You too will also find yourself having a blast while your child is being entertained.

What are some of your favorite places in Oklahoma City?

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