Fabulous Easter Basket Ideas That Don’t Include Candy

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

When it comes to Easter baskets, I am usually on top of things. I start collecting items for weeks before: things my child wants, needs, and some things that are just fun. But some years, I look up and realize Easter is just 2 weeks away and I have nothing. Anytime I do try to get something, my child finds it before I can hide it.

So if you’re like me, looking for inspiration to fill this year’s basket, I thought I’d share some ideas to get you going.

1. Jump into Spring. 

Chances are your little ones are going to need all-new spring and summer things. Going this route allows you to think ahead and give some practical, but fun things! 

  • Clothing: spring PJ’s, sandals, flip flops, sunglasses, hats, spring outfit, swimsuit, beach towel 
  • Outside toys: chalk, pool/beach toys (don’t forget the goggles), gardening tools, bubbles

2. Inspire Creativity. 

If I am going to give a toy, I want it to be something that will spark imagination and maybe get a little more use than just coming out of the box. 

  • Art Supplies: Markers/crayons/colored pencils, coloring books, stickers, washi tape
  • Educational/Imagination: Books, play-doh, activity/workbooks, comic books, kinetic sand, card or board games, puzzles

3. Give an Experience. 

Bring less stuff into the house, without losing the fun factor. 

  • Gift cards for favorite a restaurant or activity place – some great options in our Indoor Play Guide!
  • Make your own coupons for a fun activity like staying up late, going to the park on a school night, or family game night 

4. Check out the Dollar Store/Aisle. 

You can always find some fun items, especially seasonal ones, without spending a lot. 

  • Easter themed pencils, notebooks, or accessories (I’m thinking Bunny ears)
  • Or go small with mini puzzles, games, Lego sets, matchbox cars, novelty socks

 I’ll probably include a favorite candy or treat, but I am trying not to add to the sugar pile that we’ll collect through the multiple egg hunts between now and Easter. Now all I need to do is choose a couple of things from this list and get shopping!

What are you putting in your Easter baskets this year?

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Jami is an administrator in Higher Education and loves working with college students. She is married to husband Derek, a professor of education and is a mom to Ava (4). Jami and her family moved to Oklahoma from their life-long home of Illinois 2 years ago. She is trying to balance motherhood with hers and her husband's careers as well as adjusting to their new life in Oklahoma. Jami enjoys travelling, reading self-help books, trying new restaurants, cupcakes, and spending time with her family.


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