Embracing Outdoor Time in All Weather

Outdoor time has been my saving grace in motherhood. During the newborn stage, many evenings were spent taking a crying babe out on the porch. Through the toddler years, we have ventured to parks, splash pads, hiking trails, and even mountains. It’s just a happier day for all when the great outdoors is included. Getting outside every single day is a top priority for being happier and healthier. 

We all know Oklahoma weather can be tricky and downright annoying. From dreadfully hot summers to random ice storms, to lots and lots of rainy spring days. This year, I’m choosing to follow the adage, “there’s no such thing as bad weather.” Here’s how I’m embracing outdoor time in all weather and a few tips to help you do the same! 

  1. Get some Gear
    There’s no way outdoor time can be enjoyable without proper gear. Poshmark and thrift stores are excellent places to find gently used gear, especially for kids. A good list to get you started: rain coats and rain boots; base layers (merino wool is an excellent fabric), gloves and hats. Keeping heads, feet, and hands warm and dry is your main priority. Keep a small basket with everyone’s hats, gloves, boots and sunglasses so you can easily get bundled up on a cold or wet day! Keep an extra coat in the car for those days that the weather turns on you. If you have an extra layer to throw on, its easier to see through your plans than to cancel and head home. And always, always, always keep a spare change of dry clothes for everyone in the car.
  2. Join a Group or a Challenge 
    While solo outings can be amazing bonding time for you and your littles, it can be hard to get motivated in bad weather. Nature-loving friends are just the thing to get you out on a not-so-perfect weather day. Two local groups to check out are Hike It Baby OKC and Free Forest School of OKC. Whether it’s #1000hoursoutside, #hikeitbaby30, or #nozerodays, a fun challenge can keep you motivated and accountable for your plans! Just remember to give yourself grace. It’s not about perfection, mama. It’s about cultivating positive habits and joy into our lives! 
  3. Do “Inside” Activities Outside
    Take lunch, dinner, or snack time outside. Watch a movie on your laptop on blankets under the stars. Sip your morning coffee on the porch. Read bedtime stories in the treehouse.
  4. Embrace the Weather
    Snow is inherently exciting because of the rarity, but all weather is worth celebrating. Cold weather is an opportunity to bundle up and enjoy some apple cider or hot cocoa. Hot weather means popsicles on the drive way and splash pads galore. Rain means puddle-splashing. Getting outside no matter the weather encourages resilience, preparedness, problem solving and positivity… for us and our kids. When all else fails, snacks. Snacks are the key to happiness. Everywhere you go, bring a snack. 
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Jenna became Mama Myrick in January 2017 and is learning to embrace every up and down of mom life. Before mom life, Jenna was using her MS in Organizational Leadership and Professional Human Resources certification to develop corporate learning & development programs. Jenna lives tiny and loves big with her husband, son, and three dogs in Edmond, OK. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and iced decaf americanos. A semi-crunchy minimalist, she is on a mission to live a meaningful life, raise a loving family and make the world a better place. You can follow her adventures at http://myrickmusings.wordpress.com.


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