Budget-Friendly Gifts for Moms

I won’t lie–our Christmas budget this year is a lot smaller than it has been in years past. Not because we (thankfully) had any outstanding medical bills or just bought a new house/car. It shrunk simply because its just expensive being a human right now. With gas prices soaring, inflation skyrocketing, and the price of groceries up at least 24%, we simply do not have the same amount saved as we have before–and I know we can’t be the only ones. 

So I have compiled a list of some budget-friendly Christmas gifts for different types of moms! These could work for your sister, a co-worker, a friend, your own mother, or even yourself!


The Mom of Little Ones

Know a momma who could desperately use a date night with her husband or simply just some time off? Make coupons for free babysitting! This can be tricky, however, because many times these coupons go unused. So tell her, “Friday, January 20th, I’m going to come pick up your kids and take them to McDonald’s and then they’re coming to my house. I’ll be sure to grab pajamas for them and bring them back around ten!” Be specific, set the time and date, and stick to it! 


The Mom of Tweens/Teens

Are you a math whiz? Or maybe a history buff? Ask the mom of tweens and teens if any of her kids are struggling with any subjects in school. With the teacher shortage and past Covid rules/restrictions within school districts, odds are they have at least one kid who could use some help in a subject or two. If they’re struggling in a subject you know a lot about, tell that mom you’ll come over every Tuesday in January and tutor Johnny in Algebra or help Suzy write that paper! 


The Sports Mom

Do you know a mom who is constantly on the go shuttling her kids to and from events? Does she have multiple kids in multiple activities? Volunteer to drive a kid to and from practice, a tournament, or class. Even better, if she has little ones that like to wreak havoc in the stands during older sibling’s practice, offer to watch the tiny humans for a few practices!  


The Single Mom (Or Moms with a Deployed Spouse)

Mom-ing is hard, even when you have a super supportive partner in your life. Single mom-ing is even harder; there’s only ONE parent in the home to keep tabs on every single detail, there’s very little support, and there’s no one to “tap in” when things get rough. Tell that momma that you’ll come over and do the dishes, fold some laundry, and clean the bathrooms. Or cook a few freezer meals and give them to her to put back for those days when she just can’t catch a break. 


Many of you may scoff at this list and say, “Yeah, I think not purchasing gifts is tacky. What if a mom spent $40 on me and I’m just offering to watch her kids? That doesn’t seem right.” Oh, but it does. Anyone can spend their money. You can always earn more money. But you know what you cannot earn? Time. That’s your most precious commodity. I once heard a preacher say: “You spell love T-I-M-E.” Time is an excellent way to show someone you care and you love them! 


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Jessica is a SAHM who works part-time during the school year for her church's MDO program. She's married to her preschool sweetheart (you read that right!) and has two kids, Hermione (4) and Indiana (2). She has a BA in Journalism from UCO and worked for five years as a ghostwriter for a publishing company. In her "free time", Jessica loves to run, watch sci-fi, and write for her personal blog: TheHuffmanPost.com!


  1. appreciate your parents, they are the most important thing that you have and they need to give the best for Christmas, because they often don’t want this for themselves or won’t allow it, so let it be the best gift for them from you


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