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If you’re like me, winter has taken it’s toll on your skin. I feel like I could bathe in lotion and still fell chapped and dry. So I jumped on the chance to use some of these “Winter Survival” products from BeautiControl.


BeautiControl is a direct sales company that has a large product line of skin care and beauty products. I was given this kit (retailed at over $120!) that included five products: two hand lotions, a lip peel, a microderm face peel and cleansing facial brush. I have been using these products for two weeks in conjunction with my normal “beauty” routine.

Microderm Apeel: This cream has a gritty scrub feel that feels oh, so good on your skin. I used it with the revolving brush and my skin felt immediately clean. After the first use, I thought it was just a good deep cleanser, but after three uses, my skin actually looked smoother. You can use this without the brush and it would still work as a great facial scrub.

After using microderm peel and brush.
After using microderm peel and brush for 2 weeks. It gives you that “super shiny” look.

Revolving Brush: Looking at this product, I thought it was a less expensive version of a Clarisonic. I have a Clarasonic that I use religiously, because I’m a 29 year old with a 15 year olds skin. I used this product after using my Clarasonic and quickly realized it wasn’t anything like it. It’s more like a high powered “buffer” that not only deep cleaned, but removed a layer of my skin, but in a good way! I wouldn’t use this every day because it is pretty intense, but it would be great once a week or every few weeks. My skin felt extremely soft for a few days after using it. Also, this brush is only $20 which I think is a good price for something that is a super exfoliator.

Lip Apeel: I was a little nervous about this product, because “lip peeling” didn’t exactly sound pleasant, but I wanted to test all these products and actually use them. Good thing I did because it was really good. I should know, because I am a lip balm buyer. Seriously, I buy them all.  The peel portion is a white cream in the bottom of the container and once dry, you gently rub off. This was the part I was nervous about, but it was really gentle and didn’t feel anything like a “peel.” It has a nice orange-y creamy flavor and instantly makes your lips super soft.  After rubbing off the peel you then apply the balm in the top portion of the container. Normally, I wouldn’t normally spend $20 on lip balm, but I would spend the money for this, because it would last forever and it really works.

On The Go Instant Manicure:  Easy to use, smells and feels good, especially after you rinse your hands and put on your hand lotion. Really helps with “winterized” hands in cold weather. It is an oily scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes and you only have to use a small amount to cover your hands entirely.

After using both hand products for 2 weeks.
After using both hand products for 2 weeks – significantly reducing the redness from being so chapped.

Extreme Repair Hand Therapy: I volunteered to do this product review for this product alone. My hands have seriously looked like Dumbledore’s – movie six, you all know what I’m talking about. It. Was. Bad.  After using this along with the instant manicure, my hands look and feel so much better. It’s not a thick lotion like I typically use, but really light and non-greasy.

And thanks to Delisa McKinzie, who is a BeautiControl consultant one of you, dear readers, has a chance to win this Winter Survival Kit!  Enter below – you will be glad you did!

**Disclosure: This was a Sponsored Post for BeautiControl consultant Delisa McKinzie; however we stand behind all the products we endorsed on Oklahoma City Moms Blog!  All opinions are 100% our own.**

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