Be Above the Bashing


Maybe you’re guilty of it. No doubt you’ve witnessed it. Or, perhaps you’ve simply acknowledged it with an “Amen, girl” or an all-caps “YES” comment on another mom’s Facebook rant.

Dad bashing.

Sure, there are things that get on your nerves. There are things you can’t stand. We all need to vent sometimes. Yet, the act of belittling our kids’ fathers is unacceptable for so many reasons. First and foremost, it takes away from your ability to work as a team. Negativity, especially the kind fueled by others’ own venting sessions, hinders the unity between you and your partner. 

What are we demonstrating for our children in promoting a conversation full of criticism? It doesn’t make you look pretty and it certainly doesn’t exude love – something we all hope our children grow to know well. 

As a whole, dad bashing undermines the role men play in parenting. No father is perfect, but news flash: neither is any mom. So often I see moms complaining about how inept their husbands are at helping with household chores or how they’ve “failed” at watching the kids while mom is out of the house for a few hours. Your children’s father should be given more credit than the title of “babysitter.” 

Lastly, imagine how you would feel if you overheard your husband pointing out your smallest of flaws to his buddies? What would it be like to read those rants about yourself on social media? NOT FUN – I guarantee it.

So instead, let us speak with love. I’m not talking about bragging on your partner via social media, though if that’s what works for you, go for it. But more importantly, focus on the things that dad is doing and doing well.

Demonstrate positivity. Your kids need to see your interactions and hear your words full of praise instead of disrespect.

And, finally, moms: be above the bashing. 

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Hailing from a small west Texas town, Leigh Ann came to Oklahoma for college and now happily calls the state her home. She and her husband, Conner, met in college, were best friends for three and a half years before dating, and the rest is history. The couple now has two Australian shepherds and a new baby boy! Leigh Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, with a minor in music, as well as a master’s degree in marketing. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, spending time with family/friends, staying active and cheering on her favorite sports teams.


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