Shelby Thompson

Shelby Thompson
Shelby is an Oklahoma native. She is a wife and mother to four children: three girls and one boy, ages seven and under. She homeschools her two oldest daughters during the week and babysits for two lovely families. When her days aren’t filled with smiles and snot, she enjoys spending her time reading the latest true crime and romance novels, practicing her writing, spending time outdoors and hosting walks in town for moms and their children. Most of Shelby's time is happily spent with her husband and children making memories that (fingers crossed) will last a lifetime.

Losing a Mother When You Become One

Becoming a mother was such an adventure for me. I never envisioned myself being a single parent at the age of twenty one, I also never knew the amount of insecurity and misguided trust...

Why I Chose Homeschooling

From the very moment I saw those two pink lines, I knew I had a huge responsibility ahead of me. There are SO many decisions to be made when having children. I am a planner....