The App That Changed My Grocery Game

We have partnered with Shipt to bring you this sponsored post regarding their grocery delivery service. However, all opinions are my own and I'm excited to share this resource with you.

I think I’m in love. With an app.

Shipt grocery delivery service is the object of my affection. I dare you to download it right now.

I’ll even make it easy for you – it looks like this:Why am I in love with an app? You guys, it lets me pick out my groceries on my phone and then they are delivered to my door. On the same day. Without me ever having to leave my house.

(Insert ALL the heart eyes.)

I think you’ll fall in love with it, too.

Even though that’s a pretty big reason right there, here are a few other reasons why Shipt’s convenient grocery delivery service is a game-changer for me:

  • The app is easy to navigate and personalize. You search for items in the search bar (or browse by category) and click to add items to your cart, easy peasy. You have the option to write in special requests on anything you can’t find as you search. You can also add notes for your shopper, such as how green you’d like your bananas or to please go for the lower calorie almond milk if it’s available. There’s a tab for “on sale today” and “buy again” to make bargain shopping or shopping for your family’s favorites easy to do each time you open the app. Oh, and when you pick your delivery window (a one hour time frame), it’s often same day – sometimes just an hour or two after you submit your order. You can also list notes for your delivery such as “please don’t ring the doorbell, it’s nap time” or give a gate code or any other pertinent delivery information.
  • Shipt shops local. For me, our local choices were our Wal-Mart Super Center or Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, where I do most of our shopping anyway. I am familiar with the store and their items. Local shopping also means that Shipt shopping and delivery can happen quickly. (There is a slight up charge on items from store prices, but the convenience is worth it. And there’s no delivery charge if your order is over $35, which, let’s be real, is ALWAYS.) I first used Shipt on a Sunday night after being out of town for the weekend. I put my daughter to bed, shopped the app, and had groceries delivered before I went to bed that evening. All the while, I was getting laundry done AND watching Netflix in my pj’s. Our fridge was stocked by Monday morning like magic.
  • Shipt shoppers text you from the store. Um…hello? That’s amazing. I got a text when my shopper got to the store to let me know he was starting and then a couple more as he shopped, to tell me a specific item I had requested was not in stock but also giving a suggested replacement item! I texted and asked if he could pick up an item I had forgotten to put on the list to which he said of course and made it happen! He then texted again when he had completed my shopping, to let me know he would be delivering soon. After your Shipt experience is complete, the app asks you to rate your shopper and add in a tip if you’d like. Soooo convenient and cashless.
  • Our produce looked good and our frozen items were cold. I was quick to peek at the produce our shopper had picked out…and I may have let out a verbal sigh of relief once I saw how pretty it was. Turns out Shipt shoppers are trained in several things, one of which is how to pick out the best produce. Also, our refrigerated and frozen items had been in a cooler during delivery so they arrived at a perfect temperature. That’s more than I can say for my own shopping and driving home from the store habits, for sure.
  • Shipt memberships make thoughtful and practical gifts. Know a mama who just had a baby? A family that has foster children and just received a new placement? A mom of multiples? An elderly relative? A pregnant friend who is currently bed-ridden? Someone with a chronic illness or a family member that is recovering from surgery? A busy pastor’s family that you’d like to bless? A single parent? A military spouse whose significant other is currently deployed? A working mom? A stay at home mom? A mom who works part time and stays at home part time? I mean, I really I can’t think of a family that wouldn’t be blessed (and a little amazed) by a Shipt membership. You can choose from the $99 a year membership or the $14 a month option and literally give someone the gift of time. Or yourself. Your time is precious. And just think about not having to lug you and your children (and the diaper bag and the baby wipes and their favorite stuffed animal) to the grocery store. Give yourself a membership. Like, now.
  • Shipt added hours to my day. When I think about the things I’d rather do than grocery shop, the list is long. Whether it’s a Netflix binge with the hubby, helping the school-ager with her homework or extra cuddles with the baby, this mama just took control of that time so I could do what matters to me.

And that’s why I’m in love with an app.

P.S. Did you download it yet?

You can get a FREE 2-week trial and a $79 annual membership (normally $99) with our exclusive code! Head over to and use the code 2236C3FEB7K. 

(*This offer expires 12/31/17*)

Get in touch with Shipt!

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