5 YouTube Channels Great for Early Education Learning

In 2023 I was pigeon-holed into homeschooling my 4-year-old. I wanted to give her the best pre-k experience I could considering my credentials as a teacher are very slim. This meant getting creative and making schedules and lesson plans. I had already utilized YouTube for some minor entertainment purposes but decided to go down the rabbit hole of educational media. The ending of her unofficial pre-k year left me with a goldmine of content. 

In no particular order here are my 5 favorite channels that work great as a supplement to homeschooling, public schooling, and even on hot summer days when you don’t want your kid giving into brain rot.

5 YouTube Channels Great for Early Education Learning
1. Scratch Garden 

This channel contains loads of fun dance videos, silly songs, and an array of educational videos kids will not get bored with. Videos can range from basic math to fundamentals of English. They even have a series on explaining coding to a young audience. 

2. Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartman is relatively well known in some pre-k circles and for good reason! He does an excellent job at exploring numbers and letters in basic ways that can be used to build fundamentals in math and phonics. His sight word songs are also great when getting your kid into the early stages of reading.

3. Gracie’s Corner

The backstory of how and why this channel was created is something special! A family wanted to bring more diversity to the YouTube kids channel sphere, and they have done a great job! The songs carry fun modern beats and will get stuck in your head. Her clean-up song honestly works to get my kid moving!

4. Numberock

Math can be challenging for a lot of kids. Numberock goes beyond early education and even digs into mathematic equations on the 4th-grade level. It’s taught my 4-year-old her angles and measurements! Use this channel as a sneaky way to help your kid grasp some areas they may be struggling in.

5. Learn Bright

Science is something most kids can get on board with. However, if you’re homeschooling or simply trying to get the basics down, it can become a challenge. Learn Bright makes digestible videos that can help assist in teaching these subjects. The best part is that science goes beyond biology into many other fields like geology, earth science, geography, and physics. 

Honorable Mentions


Ok, so you most likely have heard of Mrs Rachel, but if you haven’t, you should! She deserves the hype! She has amazing videos on helping infants and toddlers with speaking and communication. Her songs are very sweet and her videos modeling positive behavior are great. She’s even headed to Washington D.C. this summer to advocate for the importance of early childhood education.

SciShow Kids

This channel, much like Learn Bright, is a great resource for fun, science-related topics. They even have videos on how to conduct your at-home experiments. 

Enjoy your YouTube learning!

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