5 Ways to Make the Most of this Halloween Season



Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Halloween is a time to turn anything into whatever we want it to be, and this Halloween I want to be extra special and celebrate my kids’ imagination! I want them to dress up and dream big. And of course candy. Who doesn’t love candy? 

I don’t know about your kids, but my kiddos love Halloween and so do I. It doesn’t take much for us to be happy. We watch all the movies, put up all the decorations and enjoy the evening! It doesn’t require a lot to go all out. It is a great holiday to just let kids be kids and let adults embrace their inner child. I want to encourage you to do the same! It’s an easy holiday to make special. 


Here are 5 Ways to Make this Halloween Extra Special:

  1. Watch all the Halloween movies! We watch everything from Casper to CoCo to Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. I know lots of channels play movies all month long. As the kids get older, we try some new movies that might have been too scary last year, but we each have our tried-and-true favorites. 

  2. Don the costumes! We have a dress up box the kids can raid. I don’t mind getting them one from the store either. There are some second hand stores that have a great selection, plus those special pop up stores are always fun. I like to encourage them to use their imaginations. One of these days I would love to have it all together and get my family to coordinate their costumes, but that may be my own fantasy! 

  3. Gorge on the grub! Besides all the candy, there are so many creative dishes to try this Halloween. I’ve made some easy dishes festive by just adding some spooky details, such as an awesome seven layer dip with a sour cream spider web on top and a graveyard dirt and worms chocolate pudding. Thank you, Pinterest! 

  4. Visit the pumpkin patch! This is essential – maybe I should have started with this, but anyways… Go to your favorite or find a new one, or even check out a few! Pumpkin patches are great opportunities to make lots of memories and of course take lots of pictures! Here are five pumpkin patches you need to see if you haven’t yet!  

  5. Haunt the house… not literally, but get out some decorations! Put out those pumpkins, carve them up, add some lights, scarecrows and anything else you deem appropriate. I like to use black construction paper to cut out spider webs (like you would snowflakes), or I’ve seen toilet paper rolls used for countless ideas if you’re crafty. 

I hope this list helps you and your family have the happiest Halloween ever! I love letting my kids dressed up as whatever they want, eat as much candy as they want, and it’s all acceptable! Anything goes! There is definitely no wrong way to celebrate Halloween! Plus, in my expert opinion, I think we burn off all the calories from the candy walking around the neighborhood all night!  


I hope your Halloween will be extra special but more importantly for your to kids feel loved and encouraged to use their imaginations. In our home, I not only want to welcome trick or treaters, but be a safe place for my kids to explore and try out new things, not just in this Halloween season, but for every situation in the future. I want my kids to dress up in whatever costume they want this year, because I want them to take my support with them as adults when they decide on careers and various opportunities. I think it is important for kids to stretch out their minds and celebrate their creativity while they are young, so they build up their confidence as adults.

I am so excited for this next season and am ready to get my pumpkin spice on everything! I love the cooler weather and can’t wait for fall to be in full swing!  

What does your family do for Halloween? What are some of your favorite memories and traditions? 

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