4 Baby Splurges You Won’t Regret

Congratulations! You’re having a baby! Get ready for your email in-box, Instagram, and Facebook feeds to be flooded with information about all sorts of products. Do you need them? Are they worth the money?

This mom of two researched and asked around way too much before settling on a just a few “splurges.” These are my top 4 favorites that definitely helped make my life easier:

1. The Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock

Every mom who has lost a wink of sleep going to check on her baby while he slept could attest that the Owlet Baby Monitor Smart Sock is worth EVERY single penny! Peace of mind will cost you about $300 for the most recent Owlet Smart Sock 2. It monitors the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate from the pulse found on the foot. One word of advice about the Owlet: keep the charging/base station in the same room as the baby sleeps at night to ensure it’s always within range.


2. iBaby Care HD Baby Monitor

It was important to my husband and me to have a clear picture both day and night, a camera that could rotate, and an app rather than a separate monitor to keep track of. If any of these features are important to you in your search for a baby monitor, we’d highly suggest the iBaby Care M7. Its smart, Wi-Fi enabled system has a full HD 1080p camera that can capture cute pictures or video of your baby and provide a high-quality view, both day and night, all through the app. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles too, including a moonlight soother, two-way talk, music and stories, white noises, lullabies, and smart air and temperature sensors. The M7 retails for around $250, but check Amazon first, because I’ve seen it on sale for as low as $188.

3. The Ollie Swaddle

My friends all know that I swear by this thing. When you’re sleep deprived and trying to calm a fussy baby, the last thing you want to fool with is a huge blanket, trying to remember how the hospital nurses taught you to swaddle. The Ollie solves that problem!

It’s made from a patented moisture-wicking, yet super soft, fabric that reduces the risk of overheating and has a custom closure for a fit that’s individualized for your baby.  Wrap baby with arms in while a newborn, then transition to arms out once baby can roll over. My favorite feature is the stretch in the fabric that gives the baby a womb-like feeling yet allows for proper hip development. The Ollie Swaddle retails for $59. That might seem steep for a swaddle until you factor in that you really only need one. It’s one-size and adapts to your growing baby, as opposed to other easy swaddles that are sized by your baby’s age. The Ollie Swaddle is usually my go-to baby shower gift.

4. SnuggleMe Baby Lounger

This (and the other popular baby lounger, the DockATot) was another baby product I initially rolled my eyes at. Why would I need a lounger? I could just set the baby down if I needed to use my arms/hands for anything other than holding the precious newborn. Uh huh…I definitely regretted not getting a lounger with my first son, so it was one of the first things I added to my baby registry for my second born. You can find lots of moms who will argue their case for which lounger is the best. I’m not here to do that, just to say that a lounger is definitely worth the money ($120 for the SnuggleMe). Even my huge toddler likes to get in it and snuggle up!

Of course, all baby really needs is plenty to eat, diapers to stay dry and LOTS of love and cuddles, but all the other stuff is fun too!

What splurges are you considering?


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