3 Date Night Looks – Date night is food for your marriage, look fabulous doing it.

Keep Calm and Go out on a date nightI read once, “A divorce lawyer is way more expensive than a babysitter … make date night a priority.” Don’t ever stop dating each other. It’s fun, it’s purposeful, it’s important. On a bigger note, don’t ever stop looking fabulous while dating. I know that we as women are all different! Some of us are super girly and love heels, and some of us would rather not, some of us love a classic look, and some of us like to glam it up. No matter what style we feel best suits us, we should put effort into looking fabulous on date night. It’s important, it really is. It’s biblically and scientifically proven that men are drawn to what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye; they are visual beings. We are talking about the subject of dating in our marriage, so in this case let’s look at it from the healthy and fun perspective. I recently read an article by Jim Burns about 10 Things Guys Wish Women Knew About Them, and one of them was that men do care about their wives appearance. It wasn’t saying they wanted their wives to look like supermodels, it was saying men really want their wives to make an effort to take care of themselves because it matters to them and they appreciate the efforts their wives make to maintain their attractiveness.

I agree with that statement, and I look at date nights as a fun connection time, an investment in your future, and a time to talk and laugh. We all remember the “girl time” we took to get ready for a date before marriage, and it should still be made a priority just like that. Here are 3 looks to help inspire you for date night!

Date Night Look #1 – Classic Chic

Look #1

Adding a little bit of glam to a classic black and white outfit ups your game like no other. Do not be afraid of these “skater” “full a-line” “tutu” skirts. All body types can wear them as long as you tuck in your top/blouse/tank and bring it all in with a structured jacket, blazer, or cardigan. When wearing this style of skirt, it’s best to wear it above your natural waist line in order to get the best fit on your waist. This look is very classic and chic and can be paired with a lower heel too. When wearing an outfit like this, I think it’s best to keep your makeup smokey and natural, and your hair simple and fresh looking. Pair it with black tights, and you are golden.

Date Night Look #2 – Sparkle and Pearls

Date Night Look #2I had mentioned before, some of us are all about the glam and sparkle and some of us are all about the classic and pearls. You can use both of these looks with any solid colored dress of your choice. I chose red simply because studies have shown that it makes men feel amorous towards women. Again, all body types can wear this “a-line” “shift” “sheath” dress. Pairing this dress with a leopard heel is always fun, and then depending on what “look” appeals to you, adding glam or classic jewelry is a must. If you are more about sparkle and glam, I’d say to wear your hair down and curly, but soften out your curls and polish them up. If you are more about the classic and pearls, I’d say to wear your hair neat and off your face -think 50’s and 60’s. No matter which look is more you, you will look beautiful and feel it too because it’s who you are as a woman.

Date Night Look #3 – City Chic

Date Night Look #3When I am in a style coaching session with a client, I always remind them to not stray away from faux leather leggings/pants. This item of clothing brings on that extra bit of “vixen” with some class in an outfit. This item of clothing is also great for all sizes, you just need to cover up certain areas to pull it off. I highly recommend always wearing a tunic/dress over faux leather leggings/pants and pairing it with a heel. If a high heel isn’t your thing, then pair it with the highest heel that you can manage in a boot. Keep your shoe black no matter what, it creates a longer lean leg and works well for that “modern city chic” look. I tend to look in the juniors dresses section for the look of a “tunic”. I find that sometimes the misses sections of stores have to much length to their tunics and it doesn’t look proportioned, meaning it goes over my knee. BUT … if you are curvier, tall, or carrying some extra weight, the misses section is where you need to look. Ladies, cover up that bum and your front area, that is the only way this particular date night look stays City Chic and doesn’t turn into Street Walker in the City. Pairing this with statement earrings, and your hair worn down with volume is a major do. Don’t over do this outfit, keep it simple and modern. It’s the grown up Joan Jett version of you putting another dime in the jukebox baby!

Have fun with your Date Night looks, and remember the ONLY thing that makes your whole “look” complete is a beautiful smile, confidence, and a fun attitude before you head out the door for a lovely time. Happy Dating you gorgeous, beautiful, and fun lovely being!

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Patty is a Texas gal who relocated to Oklahoma in 2005 with her now ex-husband and two kids. She became an instant mom when she met her ex-husband in Austin, TX. Her kids were 4 and 6 at the time, they are now 21 and 23! She loves her blended & diverse family dynamic and her sweet French Brittany bird dog named Harper. After being happily married for 12 years, and now venturing through being happily divorced, you can bet her life is quite the adventure. She Style Coaches professionally, enjoys coaching women in refining and defining their style, drinking a well made latte, living by the golden rule of “no talking before 10am”, craft beer, charcuterie trays, true breakfast tacos, bread, the fall season, tattoos, and saying “YES” to any adventures. Get tips and inspiration by following her style coaching on Instagram & Twitter @pattystylecoach, and Facebook – Patty Rankin Style Coach. Check out her business at www.pattystylecoach.com


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